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  • Are You Leaving Your Nuts Buried?
  • Creative Pathways to Entrepreneurial Triumph
  • How to Utilize Creativity for Entrepreneurial Success
  • Entrepreneurial Strategies to Create More Money and Success
  • Creating an Unstoppable Entrepreneurial Mindset


Unlock results, money and satisfaction as an entrepreneur! Join us for our exclusive online Mini Monthly event to discover the secrets to engaging the 3 Essential Elements to Create a Successful Business and Life: developing an unstoppable Mindset, navigating the Roadmap, and having a compelling Vision. With insights from expert entrepreneurs and thought leaders, you’ll leave with powerful, creative tools to cut the distractions and hit your Target. Don’t miss out  – Register now! 

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74% of the nuts squirrels bury, don’t get dug back up! Does  this sound like you in your business?  You’re working hard, but not getting the results?  If you don’t have a compelling Vision and a compatible Mindset, you can’t navigate the Roadmap to Money and Success.  Want to begin changing your results today? Register for the Entrepreneurial Breakthrough Mini Monthly Event for free now: [Insert affiliate link here] #EntrepreneurialBreakthrough #FinancialSuccess #UnstoppableMindset #SolveMyImpossibleDistraction

Get ready to learn from the best! Our Entrepreneurial Breakthrough Mini Monthly event brings together a lineup including multi-million dollar entrepreneurs to share their secrets to creating success. These seasoned business leaders have achieved financial abundance through their creative thinking and unstoppable mindset and they’re passing on their knowledge to you. Join us for 2 hours of insights and inspiration as these successful entrepreneurs reveal their strategies on the Roadmap to your Vision with an aligned Mindset. Are you tired of the distraction of doing work, but not having the results? Don’t miss this Mini Session. Register for the Entrepreneurial Breakthrough Mini Monthly Event FREE now and gain access to the wisdom of some of the most financially successful entrepreneurs in the world. So, what are you waiting for?  [Insert affiliate link here] #stoptheimpossibledistraction #MiniMonthly

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74% of the nuts squirrels bury, don’t get dug back up!  If this sounds like you in your business, you’re workiing hard, but not getting the results, register for the Entrepreneurial Breakthrough Mini Monthly Event for free now: [Insert affiliate link here] #EntrepreneurialBreakthrough #FinancialSuccess #UnstoppableMindset #SolveMyImpossibleDistraction

Entrepreneurs, are you ready for a breakthrough? Struggling to make progress in your business and create financial abundance? Join me and 11 successful entrepreneurs to discover strategies for navigating possibility, developing an unstoppable mindset and maximizing your value proposition to create the MONEY and Life Balance. Register now for this free, online event. #EntrepreneurialBreakthrough #FinancialAbundance #UnstoppableMindset
[Insert affiliate link here]

Ready to have the money and satisfaction you want as an entrepreneur? Join the 2-hour Entrepreneurial Breakthrough Mini Monthly event, featuring top multi-million dollar entrepreneurs sharing their strategies on navigating the 3 Essential Elements to Create a Successful, Satisfying Business: Vision, Mindset, and the Roadmap so you can have abundance and work-life balance. Register for this free, online event now and discover the secrets to getting out of distraction to create the life you want! #HarvestTime #EntrepreneurialBreakthrough #FinancialSuccess #BusinessTransformation Grab your ticket!
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 Subject options:

  • How To Harvest Your Nuts
  • How to Create Money And Work-Life Balance
  • Do you want an Entrepreneurial Breakthrough?
  • What Are You Aiming At?
  • How To Create What You Want

Email body:


Are you exhausted, working “hard” and not seeing the result you envisioned?

Are you like one of the many squirrels that runs all over buying the nuts, but only harvests a few? 

No matter how hard you work, when you don’t have the essential elements to successfully creating, you just don’t make progress? 

You put in the time and do work, but you don’t see the results. 

It can feel discouraging and feel like you’re stuck.

I remember when….. (include your personal story)

This is why when I was asked by my friend Anne Klein, serial entrepreneur and business coach, to be a speaker at her Entrepreneurial Breakthrough event, it was an easy yes.

You’ll learn from several highly successful, dynamic, entrepreneurs, who along with me, have navigated a Roadmap to their Vision.

You’ll discover ways to engage your creativity, connect with the creative field around you, navigate possibilities, develop an unstoppable growth-oriented mindset, and remove the inner barriers you face so you can become what you used to dream about.

How can you participate? Click here to join! It’s a free 2-hour online event you can experience from anywhere.

Are you ready to create your business or get off that plateau and get to the next level?

Are you ready to turn your challenges into opportunities and success?

If so, I have a complimentary ticket for you to attend the Entrepreneurial Breakthrough Mini Monthly event.

Simply click here to register and reserve your spot.

I wish I had this information available to me earlier in my entrepreneurial journey, to support me in speeding up my breakthroughs to have the freedom to keep exploring and enjoying the satisfaction of a life on full.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your business and life.

I can’t wait to see you there!


This event is completely free. Register here today!  

Subject options:

  • How to Harvest Your Nuts 
  • Are You Leaving Your Nuts Buried?
  • Do you want an Entrepreneurial Breakthrough?
  • Entrepreneurial Strategies to Create More Money
  • Creating an Unstoppable Entrepreneurial Mindset, Roadmap and Vision

Email body:


How long have you been where you are now?

Can’t seem to make the progress to create financial abundance or next-level satisfaction?

You’re not alone. I experienced the same struggle and found the solution through decades of stumbling, learning, and surrounding myself with creative, resourceful, happy people who created business success. (create your story here instead)

So when Anne Klein invited me to speak at an online event she is hosting called the “Entrepreneurial Breakthrough Mini Monthly Event”, I was a yes.

Entrepreneurs are coming together to share strategies on how entrepreneurs can create a compelling Vision and navigate the Roadmap to it with an aligned Mindset. 

As an attendee, you will connect with several world-class entrepreneurs in a 2-hour power segment designed for efficient learning and processing.

Each speaker will give you specific strategies and share experiences that will shift your thinking.

Jim Miller is the CEO of Inrive Coaching Group. He is a student and teacher in the field of influence. He works with world leaders in the field as well as entrepreneurs. He is currently working in the field of real estate blockchain investing and sales.

Anna Kowalska guides women to birth their Highest Soul Level body of work, so they can fully embody their soul purpose and live prosperously. Anna went from creating traditional success, which checked all the boxes but left her feeling empty and lost, to creating a successful business and life based on her unique design. She is devoted to co-creating a world of harmony, unity, purpose, and prosperity within and without, for all of life, by activating New Earth leaders.

Sharlene Lynch is the Vice President of Healing Though Love, a not-for-profit organization that provides pamper days for women impacted by family and domestic violence. She is the living embodiment of her SHIFT program. An international speaker, multi-passionate entrepreneur, and veteran workshop facilitator with 30 years of experience in business coaching and a background in accounting and holistic psychology, Sharlene is a thought leader in MINDSHIFT – the future of mindset – a program that delivers tools and techniques to create lives that thrive.
And in her spare time, she is a Belly Dancer!!

The event is virtual, so you can attend from anywhere.

I have a complimentary ticket for you. Simply click here to register and reserve your spot.

Don’t miss out on this chance to transform your business and life.

Now is the time to step up to get off the plateau you have been on for too long, and take advantage of your giftedness and the opportunities presenting themselves in this challenging economy.

[Your name]

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