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1. Learn about our speaker!

As an intuitive, a strategic minded analyzer and a transformational life coach, I bring these gifts together to lovingly work with my clients on a journey of choosing their worth creating their authentic best life … personally and professionally. Through this journey, I bring my intuition to the forefront in our work allowing my spiritual nature to guide me for what is next for them along with giving them the strategic tools to make it happen.

I’ve spent over 20 years mastering transformation in my own life along with shifting others to master it in theirs. Stepping into the value you bring, as an entrepreneur or career woman, is about your mindset with the choice to embrace growth.

With a Masters in Counseling, a Certification in Life Coaching and 20 years in the corporate world (Certified Pricing Professional), I’m an expert in transformation and change.

2. Read through the worksheet to set your mind and spirit up for listening.

3. Watch the video + take notes around the writing questions and other things that grab you.

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Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

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