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Here’s the THING!

Do you want and know you are meant for more, but you are stuck?

I have created a VIP experience to actively help you shift into action.


If you have these kinds of talks with yourself inside your head…


I wonder if…
I’d like to try to…
My life has to change…
I know I am meant for more…
I don’t enjoy what I am doing…
I want to, but don’t know where to start…
Before I leave this world, I want to see if I can…


The VIP Experience Is Designed For YOU!


Many people jump into classes, get all excited and then do nothing.

To support you, I am having  a live 90 minute coaching session for my VIP’s right after the day’s interviews.

You are part of an elite group that is done waiting for something to happen AND

are ready to engage in a higher level and want to get started NOW.


I have created an opportunity for you to be hot seated and get direct, raw coaching that will shift you and the group.

If you have been envisioning for some time without results, this VIP session will help you Breakthrough.


An extra gift: Lifetime access to the workshop, mp3s and videos.


Take advantage of this early event pricing!

$97 $3041

Powerfully Step Into Your New Vision
VIP Bundle

Dynamic and Productive 90 minute Shift Session on Zoom – Live $300 value
Lifetime Access to the POWERFUL interviews $997 value
Additional Bonus: Lifetime Access to the Unlock Your New Vision event (sister event preceding this one) $997 value
Lifetime Access to the Downloadable Audios for both series $747 value

$97 $3041

You were drawn to this event for a reason. It will help to identify and step into your exciting, authentic,
mission-driven VISION so you can
Create What You’ve Been Wanting!

Are you a HIGH ACHIEVER not living a life of achievement?

Are you a VISIONARY NOT living your VISION?

The VIP Package is designed for You.

I am here to help you Discover and Step Into your VISION
So you can feel the satisfaction you came here to experience.

NOW is the time to Step Into Your Vision!









$97 $3041

Plus an extra gift: Lifetime access to the workshop and all of its bonus materials