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SpiritRiver Retreat

October 8-13, 2023

The Essence and Mission of SpiritRiver - Oti Wote

Creativity and the act of creation are inherent to your very being. Yet, amidst the clamor of distraction and the weight of stress, the whispers of your true direction often go unheard. Your ability to serve both yourself and others at the highest level thrives in the garden of replenishment. It’s in those moments of restoration that your intuition speaks loudest and your most ingenious ideas take root.

Within the symphony of a magical life, the companions of time and space are essential dancers. When was the last occasion you allowed yourself the luxury of detaching from the constant whirlwind of tasks? When did you last grant yourself the grace to truly hear and embrace the essence of your authentic self?

Nature, that sacred connected partner, offers an unparalleled stage for this reunion. Here, amidst the embrace of

Mother Earth, you authentic being finds connecting. Within the realm of SpiritRiver, this connection becomes a tangible path.

I’ve meticulously curated an all-encompassing journey, one that immerses you in a tapestry of experiences, each enhancing the others. It beckons you to release the tether of busyness and in turn, rekindles and replenishes your mind, body, spirit, and emotions and brings you home to KNOWING.

Oti Wote, escorts you away from the cacophony of doing and gently ushers you into the realm of being. It’s in this space that you rediscover the art of being yourself, a Master Creator, and in doing so, uncover a profound sense of knowing – a knowing that transcends the noise and aligns with the whispers of your spirit – a knowing that guides you so accurately to everything you came into this existence to experience.

I invite you to experience this magical realm with me and in the process, reconnect with the essence of who you are as a Master Creator and once again feel and know the Oneness you have with All That Is.

Oti Wote

Sioux Word Meaning Place One goes to replenish and Restore the mind, body, spirit and emotions

Journey Through Contrast Back to Knowing

Navigate through contrast from the unique, spiritual environment of the Dells of the Wisconsin River and our Base Camp and into the spiritual realm of absolute luxury of at world class Sundara Spa. Oti Wote is a beautifully curated journey of transformation through contrast and into re-connection with your Limitless Spirit, your true North, your Place of Knowing.

Getting back to your place of knowing is where your journey begins at SpiritRiver Coaching. Oti Wote will guide you there.

Contrasting Spiritual Realms. Top: “Cliff Top” at SpiritRiver, Bottom: Sundara Spa



The Fire Ceremony

Base Camp



Challenge Day

Chimney Rock,
Louis Bluff,



Opening Day

Dells of the
Wisconsin River
Base Camp



Studio Day

Upham Woods
Sundara Spa



Celebration Day

Sundara Spa
Ishnala supper



New Day

Base Club

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Limited Time

Join us at our Inaugural Retreat October 8-13, 2023




The Culinary Experience

The meals are carefully curated to augment the transformation you are experiencing as well as to expose you to Local and Regional foods and traditions.



Arrival after 3 pm evening Fire Ceremony


Early rise
Focus Challenge 1
Focus Challenge 2
Hocak Lunch
Focus challenge 3
Campfire Dinner



Early rise Meditation water ceremony Listen & REplenish 1 breakfast listen & Replenish 2 Open & Create Lunch Break Choice Session Walleye dinner
with Mike
Journaling Bed


Easy rise
Listen & REplenish 3
listen & Replenish 4
Open & Create
Spa Day & Night


Gentle rise
Spa Day Morning
Spa Afternoon
Dress for Dinner
Appreciation Session
Celebration Dinner
Ishnala Supper Club
Mirror Lake State Park


Gentle rise Meditation Grounding Hike Morning Share Spiritual Baking
with Anne & Grandpa
Science Lab 1:1 Sessions Closing Session

The Culinary Experience at SpiritRiver is designed To Replenish and Restore



amtrak station in town


Fly Private plane into Baraboo Airport (15 minutes away)

Commercial Airports: Madison: 1 hour

Milwaukee: 2 hours

Minneapolis 3 hours


Greyhound Stops in Lake Delton, In Town


Easy Parking on site

Camp Upham Woods
Wisconsin Dells, WI

Meet Anne

I grew up in a large family in Wisconsin.

My parents were from large families as well. I loved being engaged with all the beautiful people, in this large group. I have 5 sisters and 2 brothers. Even my license plate, “BigLif8”, carries the importance of my connection to and with this group of beings. Mom told us we chose each other.

My first birthday was in the woods, as my parents began camping the year I was born. I spent most of my birthdays with my family, that state park and Lake Michigan, playing in the sand , exploring in the woods, having meals cooked on the camp stove, eating baked potatoes from the fire, feeling incredibly happy and connected.

I could hear Spirit there. I communicated with Nature, saying “Hi! I’m back!”, when I we got there and running down to the beach, lake and white pine-topped tree line to say, “Goodbye”, sadly, when we left.

No one had to tell me what I was speaking to and I perhaps couldn’t define what “was everywhere and everything”, but I’m sure I would have come up with an answer, as children do, so perfectly. It was undeniable. And we were ONE.

I was compelled to draw there, observing what was incredible, learning about it and appreciating it, feeling so stimulated but it all. I was in natures workshop, the ultimate, unlimited classroom.

At least a 15 years into my career as a high school art teacher, as I waited to attend a concert students had asked me to attend, I went for a drive and was compelled to take a turn up a road I had never been on. I was stopped in my tracks as the trees opened up, at a bend in the Wisconsin River.

I was drawn to get out of the car, get as close to the water as I could. It was awe-inspiring! I imagined being the first person to come upon this place. I gave thanks. I had a conversation with the powerful omnipresent force of Creation, that God Force. Time stood still for me there.

On the way home that night, I heard an audible voice, “Where are you going? What are you doing?” I conversed with Spirit. The next day, I began taking inspired action. Within a month, through an absolutely amazing and effortless journey, I purchased what is now “SpiritRiver.

It’s a powerful feeling, now offering experiences at SpiritRiver, sharing, out of love and appreciation, what I first experienced so purely as a child, having created a nature’s workshop you can come and explore and transform in. SpiritRiver is a powerful example of the amazing collaborative process of Creating and what is possible for everyone.

Meet Coach Anne

As a Transformational Business Coach, Entrepreneur, Thought Leader, and Visual Artist, I live and coach under the premise that we are all Master Creators, created and part of Creation, here to learn, evolve, and expand by using the limitless materials of our fascination.

I love to guide high-level beings, like you, in unearthing and reframing challenges and resistance, empowering you to authentically navigate a life of constant growth, satisfaction, creation, and freedom. Together, we’ll identify and update your “internal operating system,” so you can continually step into your next level of greatness and freedom.

As the Founder of SpiritRiver Coaching & SpiritRiver, I am a coach and facilitator of profound change and transformation. Over the years, I’ve been deeply engaged in creating and contributing as an artist and steward of nature, creating visual art, participating in local and state-level urban forestry projects, and contributing big-picture systems thinking for various businesses. This has honed my understanding of the creative process.

Additionally, I’ve made an impact in education as well! For over two decades, I’ve been an award-winning educator, creating methodologies that transform students’ understanding of themselves and their unique gifts. Through my teachings, I’ve nurtured mindsets for possibility, empowering myself and others to increasingly step into authentic potential and possibility. I was recognized by the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards, as a Master Teacher because of my ability to help students learn.

Unwavering Mission?
I’m here to support you in engaging deeply in the challenge, satisfaction and joy of being an Ever-Expanding Being and Creator. Together, we’ll RE-open the door to your authentic inner brilliance, liberate your freedom, and awaken your curiosity so you can engage in your Next “Impossible” Big Idea, and create and live the satisfying, lip-smacking life of your dreams!

We’ll embark on a transformative journey that will set the template for constant-never-ending-expansion.

Are you ready to embrace the extraordinary and claim the life you came for?


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