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115 I think, No, I am!

Nov 17, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching on the Go with a question for you.

What are you willing to let go of or give up to become the next version of yourself?

There may be some things that aren’t going to work in your next chapter.

And if you can’t release them if they’re too embedded in who you think you are.

My old for author used to say, and I love this because I repeat it regularly.

Don’t you know who I think I am?

Because who we think we are is a big deal.

Who we get embedded in thinking we are is a big deal because it can limit you.

Okay, so back to the point.

What are you willing to give up about what you’ve been saying you are all this time and feeling you are to become your next level?

I’ll give you an example.

I like to be freewheeling.

I love to fly by the seat of my pants on some level.

I love being in the moment.

I love operating in the moment.

I love being able to respond in the moment.

And something about a calendar makes me feel punished at times.

Scheduling, scheduling things.

I like to talk in different ways, to be in a state of play with the part of me that gets to be free-spirited and playful and the part of me that gets things done.

And every so often I will find myself tripping over my calendar, missing an appointment.

I will have let go of my calendar with a feeling of, aha, get the afternoon off.

And I won’t have checked the calendar I will realize I have missed something.

And that is a little cute little thing that I do that goes all the way back into my childhood.

We don’t necessarily get rid of that programming ever, but we can understand it, and we can work with it.

So understanding that I have a little bit of a resentment around someone telling me what to do and that someone even could be me.

Ever find yourself doing the things that you didn’t like to have done around you to yourself?

Okay, that’s another coaching segment.

But I get to treat myself and my schedule with more joy than that.

So I get to, I get to, I get to have these things in my calendar and I get to do them.

And I get to be really all involved in those things so that I’m really enjoying them.

And I’m not sidetracking and multitasking and I’m getting the most out of those moments.

But every so often I find myself missing an appointment or two things overlapping or I didn’t put things on the calendar.

And there’s a lot of coaching here.

But first of all, I’ve discovered that when I commit to something, that I really commit to it with my being.

And I put it in the calendar and I observe it and I say yes to it all the way through, and I’m committed.

But secondly, that when I start tripping over things and things start to get messy in my life.

That I realize that I get to step up, step in, figure out where the clutter is, and I do that by, I just kind of take an audit of my mental space.

Am I multitasking too much?

What am I doing that part of me is needing a break.

Part of me is wanting to cut loose.

Am I not scheduling enough playtime?

What am I wanting or needing there?

So ask yourself that. If your schedule starts to get messy, what’s going on there?

What are you craving?

What are you needing that you’re not paying attention to?

Also, maybe you’re just jamming too much in your space.

Look in your physical space.

Do you have clutter there?

What could you clean up there?

Do you have something on your desk?

Do you have a pile of things?

Do you have a pile of untended two items that could be cleaned up and cleared up?

When I do this on the outside, it helps support me on the inside, some of that external clutter, it makes its way into your internal space, and you don’t have room.

You don’t have room for processing and thinking.

So as I get ready to embark on my next big thing, which I always am embarking on.

My next chapter is always better than the one I’m in right now because I’m so excited and I’m bringing my future into focus.

So when I’m ready to embark on the next thing, if I’m having these scheduling issues or I’m having clutter in my space.

I am certainly keeping myself from some of the answers, some of the solutions, some of the people that I get to meet.

So do yourself a favor.

Look around your space.

Is it tidy?

Is it organized?

What could be tended to?

What could be refined, what could be organized, what could be engaged with so that you have new space for new things to drop in?

Ask yourself what old characteristics that you hang on to, like mine of saying that I’m a free spirit and then having a little battle with the rigor it takes to step up to the next level.

So what it’s going to take from me is to let go of this image of myself where everything just falls into place.

I don’t need a calendar, and I resent a calendar.

So the beliefs that you have today that are in conflict with where you want to go.

And it’s okay to let go of those when you’re finding yourself saying, I am this.

Well, that’s just who I am.

Do you like it?

Do you like just who you say you are, or would you like to shift it?

You can be anything.

And it’s not lacking integrity to grow and evolve and allow yourself to have been that during this chapter.

In that chapter, you’re sliding into a new one. That one’s over.

And that characteristic doesn’t.

It’s not necessary, and it’s actually not beneficial in this next chapter.

So some more auditing.

I’m not an accountant, but I do like to do auditing.

I like to do personal auditing.

Have a beautiful day, everybody.