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This is Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

Back to the spa for another visit and some coaching. 

After I came out of this most magnificent massage the other day, I was just in a zone. 

I was in a spiritual realm. 

I felt that hum of my deep, authentic… I felt that inner stability. 

And more and more, as I go in these meditative places and sink in there, I come out and I want to articulate this so you can grasp it and grab on to it and have it.

I didn’t always feel this way or understand this. 

There’s a vibration in the woods where I go. 

There’s almost an undetectable – but felt, but sensed – sort of a grounding vibrational sound, and when I go into the river, it quiets everything else going on inside of me.

No matter what’s going on, I am cleared when I get down to the river.

I get cleared when I go under this certain railroad bridge and I enter what I consider to be the spiritual realm of Spirit River. 

When I came out of the spa… 

Or actually, when I went in to experience the part of the spa that was not going to be open previously, and I got my schedule rearranged and my massage rearranged beautifully and I was able to experience it.

That experience that happened pre-massage, it just allowed me to sink into that vibration I was just talking about. 

It allowed me to be in that spiritual space. 

So then the massage just took off from there and everything happened in perfect time, and everything was absolutely perfect, and when I came out of there, I almost felt like I was in another realm.

I have been in some spiritual experiences in my life, a few that were so powerful, and many of them happened out in nature, but so powerful that I felt like I was floating. 

I wasn’t floating, but I felt as if I was in another realm. 

I came out of there and what I saw around me… 

Actually, what I didn’t see around me for a long time was other people.

I didn’t really notice.

I had this hum going in my mind, this “mmmmmm” and it was keeping clutter and distraction out. 

That’s the beauty of meditating. 

But this experience heightened that, and I found myself almost walking in slow motion and then sitting down to just sip something, and I stayed in this beautiful, beautiful space. 

And then I started to notice that there were actually people outside walking around in a completely different experience than I was.

They were going and getting drinks, they were chatting. 

There were two girls who were really chatting it up, and I realized that it’s amazing how you can be in the same universe right next to things and people, and everybody can be having their own unique experience. 

What the purpose of the coaching is today is that there’s such a power in that.

When you can go meditate in the morning and you can carry around this inner stability that allows you to be open and sensing, you can see and connect with people around you.

You can be of service, you can be at the right place at the right time, you can get the phone call with just the right person that can help you. 

I told you I was going to go deeper into the internal philosophies of creating, and that’s what I’m working on right here with you, is articulating these ways of stepping into a space where you are resourceful, creative, in witness consciousness, and also able to take action.

And that’s the beauty of finding those places and situations where you can go into that spiritual realm and really remember it and lock into the feeling of it, and carry it around with you. 

It’s a shorter coaching for today, but I want you to really notice the places and spaces where you plug in to a broader realm than what you see.

We’re connected to way more than we realize. 

I’ve been investigating string theory and I talked to some clients today about it, but it’s said that if you can see an object in our world right now, it’s connected to and present in at least ten other dimensions, and the way that the energy in the objects vibrates allows it to be seen in different forms in different dimensions.

And of course it’s a theory, but all the scientific theories, people come up with those theories for a reason. 

They’ve been finding information that sends them on a course of really investigating what’s possible and what’s really happening and how can they articulate it.

But even just the thought, oftentimes I share something with you and you might not be ready for it, but if you kind of like the idea of it, what if you gave it some thought?

What if you understood that everything around us is made with the same stuff, and that it’s all vibrating and that we are all vibrating energy, and that we have a oneness? 

How could that affect the way you interact with other human beings, the way that you enter a room, the way that you understand that you don’t know everything and that you wonder what is possible?

So the coaching that I’m giving you this week is about the value of creating space so that you can perceive and sense and connect. 

Sending you big love.