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Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

This past week, I had a really interesting experience that started taking shape a couple of weeks ago.

At least it felt like it did.

I have been asking for connections, for investment in my retreat center.

And as fate would have it, the first successful entrepreneurial speaker that showed up in one of my groups was someone who is now majorly focusing on global retreat centers that are five stars.

He came and spoke with our group.

I was advised by my mentor that, when you want an investor to take a look at your project, there’s no better way to do it than face-to-face.

So, I reached out and invited this gentleman to come to my retreat center.

I would pay for a flight and pay for his hotel and get him up there to see it.

And in the meantime, he reached out to the woman who set that speaking engagement up and invited me to his retreat.

So I didn’t know how I was going to do it.

I didn’t know how I would get a quick flight.

Quick flights can be very expensive.

I just kept myself open to the possibility, knowing how things go.

Knowing how one thing leads to another and I had been asking, so I felt as though it was an answer.

It was a lead that I was getting from the universe, from God, from the quantum field, from that energy and force, that you know, that you call by whatever name you call it.

So things started to lay themselves out.

What ended up happening is a lift came and picked me up at my driveway, took me down to Chicago, and I got flown out to L.A.

Flown up to Vancouver.
I was picked up by somebody and driven 2 hours up into this remote place, where I got to connect with that speaker who organized the retreat and had the kind of beautiful, relaxed way of meeting him that opened a doorway for us to connect.

Now that I’m Back and there was an interest by him, to connect with me after the event.

So I laid down a connection.

I continued and furthered a connection that was created in a call.

And then I got a personal and relaxed connection with this person.

And now I have a set up for a bigger call in which I’m going to go deeper into what’s going on in my project and ask him some more questions about his.

So what did I experience?

A spontaneous possibility, that’s really big and I took advantage of it.

I said yes to it.

What did it take from me?

Quite a number of things that I’m going to talk about this week in the coaching.

And one of the things is that I have really good, strong muscle, where my intuition and my understanding of flow is concerned.

I follow leads, I used to not always follow the leads.

When I was younger, I did, and then during the middle of my life, I started choking back on it and then my muscle wasn’t developed.

So when things would come up, I would be confused as to if it’s a good direction or if it’s too whimsical or this or that.

There were a lot of things going on in my head.

So this week I’m going to talk with you, about the possibilities that come up in your life after you ask for something.

What are the challenges of those possibilities and what are the benefits?

And I’m going to talk to you about the challenges of saying yes, the benefits of saying yes, the challenges and disadvantages of saying no, and navigating all of those things, because ultimately, saying yes to possibility requires a balance between openness and discernment and a strong connection with all of your haunches and the messages that you get internally.

And it involves embracing vulnerability, being willing to step into the unknown, and making choices that align with your values and goals.

So by doing that, you can cultivate a life full of growth, possibility, and fulfillment.

You can fast-track your dreams and your ideas.

If you want this coaching that’s going to continue, it’s going to go into this depth and detail from Tuesday through Friday.

You can send me a message and look at how to get into my Monday through Friday coaching.

For some of you who are not even sure what you’re creating yet.

This level of Monday through Friday Coaching and Masterclasses is what will take you to the next levels and see if you can get qualified to get some coaching in my Creators Workshop, Pods, where people are creating businesses, building, and creating things.

Ideas, big ideas, visions, and businesses.

So looking forward to supporting you this week and sharing with you some of the secrets, to navigating what feels like a very spontaneous, possibly incredible lead that comes up all of a sudden in life.

And this happens often, especially when you have become more and more nonresistant or in the flow.

Things will come quickly to you.

And if you can handle that speed, you can expedite your vision, you can expedite your creations and your life.

Sending you big love.

Have a beautiful day.