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294 OMG YES!…Oh Wait!

Sep 25, 2023 | Uncategorized

This is Ann with your coaching on the go. 

I’m going to be tough on you this week because I’m gonna shift you through some discomfort that you might have.

How far are you willing to go to get to your vision, to actually live in your vision?

If you rated yourself on a scale of 1 to 10, how often do you stop instead of taking an idea or a hunch?

Years ago I was at a Tony Robbins event.

I had left my career.

I felt like I had been fired, but I chose that course of action.

Somebody said that you would walk on hot coals(at this event) and I knew that I needed to be woken up.

I knew that I needed a reboot and I’m a big supporter of jumping into something that will help you to feel like you are preparing for your next level.

That’s why I create the SpiritRiver Retreats.

So I got a whiff of this Tony Robbins event knowing that it must take a real shift to walk barefoot on hot coals.

I think it was seven, $797.00.

I had just left my job and didn’t have a source of income.

I had an opportunity to recruit people and I’m great at recruiting. 

I thought the event was gonna be great so I recruited a group of 10 people.

That allowed me to go for free, and it allowed my whole group to save $200.00 each on that ticket.

When I got there, the event was great and they shared a different, much bigger event that I could get to, that I could go to, that I could use to stabilize myself, to continue forward.

I had a big story that had been following me, and I wanted to do what I could to clear the air so I could start fresh with something else.

So when they offered this next big training, it was $10,000, and with no income, I decided I wanted that.

I didn’t know how I was going to do it, and in the past, I would have just immediately stopped the idea from moving forward by saying, “I don’t have the money.”

Instead, somebody in the training suggested, “If you think that’s your next step, no matter where you are right now, just get on the phone with somebody on our team so we can help you look at the possibility.”

He didn’t say it that way, but I did.

I realized through that, that I had something sitting on the side that I could use and I plugged into it and I went to that training and it changed my life in many ways.

One of the main ways is it shifted how quickly I used to stop an idea.

It got me to see that if I continue to look, I can find the way.

So now I’m asking you, when your spirit tells you, “Oh, I’m excited about that, I’d like to do it,” and then you discover that there are some elements in it that you don’t know how to figure out at this time, do you just stop it right there and put it in its grave, or do you stay open?

Do you say things to yourself like, “Well, I got a beautiful feeling from that idea for a reason.”

“I got an adrenaline surge from that for a reason.”

“I’m going to take a better look at it.”

“I don’t know how I’m going to do that right now, but I’m going to stay open to it.”

“I would like to do that.”

“I wonder how it will come to me.”

“I love that incredible X5.”

“I wonder how it will make itself available to me.”

Today’s work for you is to think of a time when you were presented with something incredible, and you got a great feeling about it and you wanted it, and then what you did with it. 

Write down what you did with it.

If you moved forward on it, that’s fantastic.

I want you to think about how you handle the hunches because those are coming to you for a reason from the Quantum field.

You’re getting excited about something that comes in front of your face because it’s interesting to you and you’re being tapped on the shoulder by it.

You know how I love auditing.

Go ahead, dive in here, and take a look at how you handle incredible gifts that get dropped on your shoulder.

This week I’m calling you to take action to move up to another level in your life.

Have a beautiful day.