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297 Say Yes To You

Sep 25, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching On The Go.

What does it look like when you get excited about something and your being tells you, “Yes, that’s what I want?”

How long does it take before another voice comes in that says,

“You don’t have money for that?”

“Where are you gonna find the time for that?”

“That’s whimsical.”

“That’s impossible.”

“How do you think you’re going to do that?”

That initial burst of energy that you get is your authentic being, telling you that you want something, and when you were a child, you would just go with it.

But you’ve trained yourself over decades to be suspect of those beautiful feelings of whimsy.

I’m coaching you now, today, on reacquainting yourself with YES!

I want you to reap the benefits of having the collaborative universe conspiring on your behalf.

When you decide something – decide, cut away from – then that decision, that solid decision, sends waves of certainty into the universe to be matched, as you know, by the quantum field.

Years ago when I said YES to a number of big things, like leaving my job, a $10,000 training, committing to creating $100,000, a $50,000 coaching program.

When I said yes to those things, there was a feeling of delight that that was a pathway towards what I wanted.

And shortly thereafter, (there was )a feeling of fear.

If you’re not willing to say YES and start navigating a path towards the things you’ve never experienced, you are not going to train yourself to be in this Master Creator realm.

That’s the training ground.

That’s the proving ground.

The more times you say YES, and you allow yourself to be navigated towards the thing that you want, you start to become accustomed to this creative process.

Most human beings shoot very low on their possibility.

What if you shot high?

What if something came up that seems expensive or like something you’ve never done before that doesn’t even seem like it’s possible for you and you get that super excited feeling about it?

And you decide to go with your gut and say,

“Yes, I would like that!”

“I’d like to try that.”

“I’d like to have that.”

“I’d like to drive that.”

“I’d like to take that vacation.”

“I would love to get that coaching”.

“I would love to build a business around that idea.”

And then you said to yourself after you said “YES!”

“Show me how!”

And you pay attention to all the hunches, all the details, all the navigating that the universe sent to you.

What do you think that would be like?

I want you to step into your imagination and think about the last thing that you wanted to do, that you felt was your next step in life.

And before you shot it down and put it on hold, or decided it just wasn’t possible, you’d never figure out how to create it, go back to that excited feeling.

Was it a class?

Was it a trip?

Was it a business?

I have a giant business idea that encompasses a big chunk of my mission for life.

For a long time, it sat inside of my being in my vision.

It just sat in there.

Then I decided to start to start taking steps to have it become REAL.

I’m navigating those steps.

I keep getting the next thing put out in front of me.

I take that next step.

I meet that next person.

I follow that next hunch.

When I get scared or nervous, I stop the flow.

You can do that.

You can stop whenever you want.

And then I remind myself that this is part of the creative process.

And I look for the next steps that are sitting around me.

I pick up one of them.

I get going on it.

And then guess what happens?

Additional opportunities show up when I’m engaging in the completion of the things that I know are the next steps.

You get to be delighted by something, say yes to it, and then

take the next step

and the next step

and the next step

and find yourself at some point,

completely surrounded by what delighted you,

just as an idea at one time,

but now that is your reality TODAY.

I challenge you to say YES and let life, the quantum field, God force, fill in the details, and navigate you into the amazing life that is your birthright.

Sending you love.

Have a beautiful day.