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311 Are You a Problem Solver?

Oct 11, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching On The Go.

I’ve been going over points that you should consider and you get to go through if you’re interested in seeing if you have a lucrative business sitting within yourself, from the life you have taken the courage to live so far.

A lot of people have a powerful business waiting within, and they don’t understand what they do or see how they do it because a lot of the talents and skills are natural to them.

Even with the challenges they’ve gone through, they consider as theirs, and they don’t realize how valuable they would be to other people in the right format.

I’ve been going through, point by point, twelve different things to consider and take notes on and look in, to see if you have a lucrative business that you could share with the world.

Today, I am covering the fifth point, and it’s your ability to problem solve.

As you go through your life, your unique journey in life, you come up against challenges and problems.

Even the rules and structures that you decided to agree with when you were a child growing up between in vitro and age seven, your understanding of those rules and structures and how they might have been holding you back, and how you shifted beyond those, is a problem-solving success you can share with others and educate them on and teach them.

All the things that I’ve stumbled through, I realize, are a teaching point for somebody else.

It can almost look like, the sloppier your life was, the more you have to share with others on how to step forward through whatever trouble or problem you might have, to the other side of that problem.

Most of life is navigating, problem-solving, being resourceful, and creative in coming up with solutions.

If you have the skill set to do that, there are millions of people that you can support. 

Today, I want you to look into the problems that you’ve had in your life and how you’ve solved them, how you have developed your problem-solving skills, and how you’ve increased the strength of that muscle.

Your ability to analyze situations and find solutions is a valuable asset in coaching and providing information for people so they can do something that you know how to do.

Whether it’s finding funds to create a business.

Whether it’s struggles you had in looking for in creating a company Corp.

Whether it’s how to homeschool your children if you did that.  You have ideas and understandings that other people don’t. 

Who homeschools a large family?

You have a course and a book waiting within you.

You have people, especially now in this day and age, with what’s going on in schools and the things that are emerging that people are seeing, that are being taught in the schools, would cause someone like me, who was a teacher, to want to homeschool her children.

Who would I want to find that information out from?

Somebody who homeschooled their children successfully.

So what problem-solving skills do you have that you could share with other people, you could teach other people, with the support of a content creator like me, a master teacher like me, you could disseminate into an information business.

That could be lucrative for you and fun for you and support a lot of people.

Today’s call to action is to jot down your understanding of problem-solving and how you do that problem-solving amid the challenge.

Write down all the problem-solving skills that you possess in your tablet, in your growing tablet identifying your expertise, so you can see how you could create a lucrative business out of this expertise. 

Have a beautiful day!