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312 Do You Have Empathy and Understanding?

Oct 20, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching On The Go.

I’m talking about key points to consider when you’re thinking about the knowledge that you have gained over the decades and decades of life and how that could become a lucrative business for you.

I’ve talked already about having a unique purpose, authenticity, and relatability, having niche expertise, being able to tell your story in a transformative way, and being able to share your problem-solving skills.

Today I’m talking about empathy and understanding.

When you’ve faced challenges or learning opportunities in your life, you have great empathy and understanding towards others who might be going through a similar experience, you can be a teacher of those experiences to others as parents do for their children.

It creates a safe and supportive environment for your clients.

When you have these stories to tell of your own experiences, that makes you more human and more approachable and it gives you this ability to teach and share and support with others.

If I had a straight shot in my life of success after success after success, I actually wouldn’t be as qualified to serve my clients, my creative clients as they’re going up to create on the next level in their businesses.

I wouldn’t have the understanding of the fear that I had earlier in my life of creating something completely myself.

I wouldn’t understand the creative blocks unless I had those creative blocks.

What empathy and understanding do you have up your sleeve because of the life experience that you’ve had?

How can that contribute to an information-sharing business?

Most of the coaches that I know serve out of a struggle.

Even the business coaches who are highly successful, their biggest serves are out of the struggle that they faced, what they have to learn to shift through that struggle to succeed on the other side, and the understanding and empathy they have towards people who are in that struggle that they face, in their eagerness to support clients and individuals who are taking a path that was similar to what they experienced.

People often want to serve with the understanding of their pain.

They also want to serve from the understanding and the satisfaction of their success and their joy.

Throw down into your notes for this week and last week, the experiences you have that have made you empathetic and understanding.

The experiences that give you the expertise that you need to share with others, and how that could be a business.

Have a beautiful day.