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313 Tailored Solutions Through Expertise

Oct 20, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching On The Go.

I’ve been talking about different points to navigate you through the knowledge you have from a life of experience.

Today I’m talking about the experience that you have, the expertise you have that would allow you to customize tailored solutions to people who¬†are struggling with something that you are a master of.

I know so many coaches and professionals who spent their lives being fascinated with something, discovering all the ins and outs of it, or who have had their feet to the fire in life and had to figure out how to navigate through challenges that knowledge and experience now make them an expert in that area.

Your expertise allows you to offer customized advice to people and solutions that are specifically designed to address the unique learning styles, unique scenarios, and understandings of different people.

I know a gentleman who spent his career finding funding for people who are expanding their multimillion-dollar businesses.

He’s so good at it that if somebody were to talk with him about their scenario, he can quickly come up with solutions and pathways for them.

That right there, is the making of an information business that’s lucrative.

When I was a teacher, I spent decades learning how to present information in so many different ways because my focus was on 100% success in my students.

No matter who you were, what your background was, or what your experience level was, when you came into my class, I could articulate in so many different ways that could specialize an education for you that you would succeed.

If you came in to learn how to throw pottery on the potter’s wheel, I could teach you in so many different ways using so many different combinations of words and structures, that I had a 98% success rate in my classes among all my students.

The ones that didn’t succeed, didn’t show up.

If you showed up, you succeeded.

Chances are, you know something so well that you could share it with any type of learner or you could figure out a solution to any type of problem around your expertise.

Typically, what people serve with in their lives is either something they’ve been fascinated with and have an insatiable knowledge of, or something they’ve engaged with over and over, in so many different ways, that they’re an expert at solving the problems or satisfying the needs of the people looking for information about that topic.

Today’s topic is about tailored solutions.

What do you have expertise peace in that allows you to field any kind of a question in that area and find solutions for people there?

Sending you big love.

Have a beautiful day.