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314 Do You Have a Brand

Oct 23, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching On The Go.

If your life had generated a personal brand, which it has, what is the character of it?

When you look at the characteristic ways that you conduct yourself and what you’ve created in your life, whether it’s an artistic or academic creation, whether it’s founded in learning or problem-solving, whether it’s in business development, finding funding, or creating ideas, what is your brand?

Is it full of integrity?

Is it creativity?

Is it authenticity?

Is it based on supporting others who can excel?

Is it based on an understanding of something you’ve been learning throughout your life?

If you were to identify your brand, what is it about?

My Spirit River brand is about elevating and discovering giftedness in people and supporting them in magnifying that giftedness and taking their life to the next level so they can feel that deep satisfaction.

That comes from my brand for my life, a craving and searching for and magnifying of giftedness and possibility.

Coupling that with love, generosity, care, listening, hearing, and supporting people on a journey as I supported myself.

Often your brand comes right out of what you’ve created in your life for yourself.

That’s happened in my life too.

I’m a studio artist.

I had different bumps and bruises along the way.

I also am an educator, and I love seeing people, including myself, create on the highest levels, whether it’s an idea, a business, a piece of artwork, or a life.

My brand has to do with authenticity, integrity, joy, love, generosity, and abundance.

What is your brand?

Take some notes around it today that include the aspects of your character, as well as the things you’ve been interested in in life.

What is the tone or theme that’s within your life, 

within the things you’ve done within the creations that you’ve made?

What’s the theme in how you’ve handled things that didn’t go in the direction that you wished and how you overcame or stepped through?

What’s your brand.

Sending you love.