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315 Do You Have Social Proof?

Oct 23, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching On The Go.

I’ve been talking about points that you have in your life, that you have created life expertise with.

They hold significant potential for creating a lucrative business.

We’re going through an economic downturn.

It’s a big one.

A lot of job uncertainty, a lot of financial instability are going on in society right now.

I see many talented people leaving the workforce and saying, ah, I’m retiring.

A lot of them are in their 50s.

Some are in their 60s.

They’re leaving behind a career and a lifetime of knowledge that can support other people and would be sought after by other people.

So, I’m talking to you to look into the expertise that you’ve created in your life so far, looking at the testimonials and the evidence of what you’ve created over time.

I want you to stockpile that like it’s a resume of the proof of what you have to offer others.

When I looked into my background as I was leaving my teaching career, I had a massive list of possibilities for things that would that I could teach other people.

I had skill sets that would be valuable in other industries.

What do you have your hands on right now?

What proof do you have of things you’ve created that are powerful, that other people would love to learn about or know about?

My partner, Mike, is a dynamic business thinker.

He’s a big-picture thinker.

He understands how to get all sorts of different types of people to work together to achieve a common goal.

He understands the psychology behind it.

He can disseminate that information.

He’s never taught it, but in his hands, is the proof through testimonials and things he’s already accomplished of how valuable would he be as a business coach for sea-level corporate staff and entrepreneurs who are starting their businesses and looking to do sales globally.

What do you have that you could write down as social proof?

Start stockpiling that.

It’s going to create a case for you within yourself and then for possible clients who will say yes to what you have because of the proof behind you.

You’ve never coached it, you didn’t teach it in your own business, but chances are you’ve been coaching it and teaching it for decades and you don’t realize it.

You’ve taught yourself and in knowing it yourself, you’ve created evidence of your knowing.

Today’s point to ponder and to gather information about is looking into the life you have successfully created professionally, and personally.

Look for the proof in the skill sets that you have to offer.

Have a beautiful day.