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Good morning, SpiritRiver, this is Anne. In the spirit of fresh starts, I’m going to talk about the morning. Getting a fresh start on the day. And that starts with the night before. A really good practice is to take a 10 or 15-minute meditation at night. It stops the momentum of the day, it neutralizes the day on some level and softens it, and when we wake up in the morning, we often grab at what we were doing last to kind of re-stabilize ourselves in our mind. So when you go to do this you’re grabbing on to a meditation, a peacefulness, maybe an appreciation, and you can pick a topic for your meditation that could help neutralize the momentum of the day if you’re not excited about the momentum that happened by the end of the day. Sometimes it’s as easy as remembering 100 things.Sometimes I do that in a mind that’s running wild, so I focus it on finding a hundred things while I’m in bed with my head on my pillow that I’m grateful for and appreciative of. Sometimes I just get into bed and let my whole being say, thank you for this beautiful bed, this pillow’s so perfect and comfortable, I love this house, this is the most beautiful bedroom… and do that sort of thing. Just 10 things that I take in, really feel appreciation for, and then drift off to sleep. So whatever kind of habit you can get into here, it will set the tone for the next morning and you’ll wake up in a better place. It’s a really effective way to also put intention on the next day. Some people end with prayer and then they wake up with listening. So set a really good pattern for yourself at night that can help you raise up to joy and success in the morning.

Have a beautiful day.