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10 Sometimes it’s not fun, get to work into the flow

May 22, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hi, this is Anne, I’m up at SpiritRiver working on my next piece of artwork, and it’s hard. It’s hard. I want to go eat. I want to then go snack. Then I want to check my phone, then I want to take a nap. There’s just a slew of things one after the other, and if I were to allow those things to continue to distract, I’ll never get this drawing done. And the thing is that what I’ve learned here is I’m a very intuitive person. I like things to come to me, but unless I get started, they won’t come. 

So I’ve got to have a balance where I’m letting my being know that I am going to be working, and then once I get in the throes of the work, the other subconscious sorts of ideas that are really great, whether I’m working on my tech work or I’m working on my actual studio drawing or artwork. So what I’m trying to say to you is if you find yourself procrastinating or distracted over and over, you have got to go into, head into it, because you’ve got to shift that for yourself otherwise you’re not going to get beyond the distraction, into the depth where you get the inspiration.

So today’s coaching is really just talking about the importance of having some discipline. I don’t love discipline, I’m a free wheeler. And I’m sure there are some people listening to this who really have high amounts of structure they operate under and others have lower amounts of structure they operate under, but regardless if you’re coming up to something and you’re finding distraction appearing in every direction you turn, you’ve got to nip that by getting in there and working through it. 

Because otherwise you’re going to be at that same point day after day, where you start sidetracking and you’re not going to get that work done. It’s going to take you a lot of extra time and you’re never going to get in where the inspiration is. So today’s brief three minute coaching is sometimes it’s not pleasant, you just have to get in there and go all the way in and do the work, put in the time. For the other magic to happen, you’ve got to get that started. Sometimes it’s not pleasant.  

It’s not always pleasant to be working, we’re not always in the flow of life, and it’s that contrast that helps us ask for more and helps us grow. So, I’d love to hear from you, talk about procrastination. I have heard from a number of people and I’ve gotten great comments about how things have impacted you, but I would love to hear from some of you who have not ever commented to me yet. And I’d love to hear it either in an email, or even better yet, to start conversation, start a conversation. Tell me about something you’d like to hear about in our Facebook SpiritRiver community, or in the Instagram SpiritRiverWD. Have a beautiful day.