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11 When to stop talking about what you don’t want

May 22, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hey, it’s Anne. Today I’m just going to talk about when something happens in your life and it’s just hard to shake it, it’s just on your mind. Do you ever have that happen where you’re busily working, you’re in your own little zone and you get some information from the outside or in conversation with somebody, something that triggers you or upsets you presents itself, and you can lose sleep and struggle?

I had this happen the other day, I was having a conversation with someone I love deeply, and it was about another person that I love deeply. Something that’s been dangling, I got information on it, and it didn’t seem like it was really bothering me but it really took up my attention for the whole night, I had a hard time sleeping, and then the next day I talked to a friend about it. 

Now, if we talk to some friends, we’ll magnify our feeling of victimhood, and if we talk to others, they might pull us out and set us back on our feet, and I think there’s room for everything. Sometimes you do need to articulate what you’re feeling, and then other times you need to know when to be done with that and focus on your good life. 

So today I’m talking about having some sense of inner stability no matter what happens, and meditation helps with that, but when you’re actively engaged in the momentum of something that has triggered your emotions and upset you, if there’s nothing that you can actually do to clarify or change the situation, it’s really good to figure out when is enough and when to let go of it and entrust. 

I ended up speaking to my 80-something and 90-something year old parents, late 80s and 90s, and at the end of our conversation… It was a deep and emotional and intense conversation. By the end I got some solid instruction to put it to rest, to simply let it go. Give it a kiss and let it go, and live solidly and squarely in my own authentic integrity. And wow, what a gift.

So a couple things here, one is talking about when it’s time to stop talking about the thing that’s bothering you because it’s not going anywhere, it’s not helping you and it’s creating momentum that you don’t want. Secondly, who do you go to? A really good friend will tell you to knock it off. At some point they will tell you they’re done listening to that, and that you’re powerful and to be powerful.

So put yourself around people who you can speak to to clear something you can’t clear on your own, but the kind of people that will steer you in a direction that’s empowering, that reminds you that you’re the creator in your life, and that it’s up to you what you do with this particular thing. So, wishing you the best. I’d love to hear from you, in either my Instagram account, SpiritRiverWD, or in an email. Love to you.