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Hey, this is Anne with your Meditation on the Go.

The importance of meditation.

You know, so often during the day you have your mind and your being going at full blast.

And what we’re doing here is giving a part of ourselves an opportunity to sense, listen, be.

So I’m going to take you through a meditation that you’ll be able to use over and over.

And for some of you, this is a first or early meditation.

For some of you who are experienced, this is just another one you can throw into your repertoire.

The real advantage of meditating is you hook up with the collaborative energy around you.

You stop your other senses for a while and you get really present in the moment.

And that gives another part of your being the ability to listen, collaborate, and it takes a while.

It said that if you meditate for 15 minutes and you end up with one or one and a half solid minutes of nothingness, you’ve done it.

You’ve done something valuable for yourself.

Since I started meditating my life and my vision is expedited, you will be rewarded with less resistance, more hunches, getting the hunches.

Being able to follow them, knowing what voices in your head are the ones that are taking you where you want to go.

So the purpose of meditating, or the main focus of meditating is letting your mind go.

It’s not thinking.

And so try not to not think, okay?

Just try to relax and let yourself drift.

And I’ll support you in some techniques for letting go of thoughts and ideas that are popping into your head and when to listen to those.

So I want you in a seated position.

Some people might lay down, but what happens is you fall asleep.

So you want your being in a place where you can be alert but relaxed.

So let’s get into a comfortable chair with your feet planted on the ground.

Start by taking some big, deep breaths in, in through the nose, pushing it out through your mouth.

A nice, easy, deep breath followed by a nice easy exhale.

You notice, take an audit of your body.

Notice any areas that are tight, tense, or sore.

Let that beautiful, clear breath come in gently.

Take whatever is tight, tense, or sore and just take it right out.

Usher it right out.

As you breathe in, any thoughts that are still lingering, any tension in your thinking.

Just let that cleansing breath come in and just attract that, attract those thoughts.

Take them by the hand and gently guide them out.

Take a couple more deep, slow, cleansing breaths, and let them do their work.

Whatever still lingers, they’ll know what’s lingering.

That breath will know, and you can trust that breath to carry it out.

Who feels your feet on the earth?

Feel your feet on the floor.

Feel the stability of your feet.

Take a scan as you go up from your feet through your ankles to your calves and your legs, your knees, your thighs as you’re breathing.

Anything tense in there is just relaxing.

As you work your way up, feel the stability of your hips as you’re sitting and as you breathe.

Feel your lungs fill and all those muscles in your back and around your hips, along your spine, all that is relaxing.

Now work your mind up into your shoulders.

Shrug your shoulders and move your neck and move your head. Just relax that area and feel your arms relaxing down into your lap.

Your hands relaxing on your legs in that space up between your ears.

Relaxing your jaw.

Move your jaw around and let it relax.

Your face, your brow, your forehead, your scalp, to the crown of your head.

Everything relaxing.

Thoughts that come in, they want to come in once in a while.

Your breath gets to take those thoughts right out with ease and flow.

You can talk to those thoughts.

You can tell them that you’re relaxing you, that they’ll be saved for later.

This is your time.

You’re connecting with the present moment, the electricity of the moment.

You can feel that energy of the quantum field.

That God force, that force of all creation.

You can feel it tingling on the surface of your skin, still very aware of your breath as it comes in it fresh with possibility.

How it energizes Every part of you as you breathe it in, carries out anything that’s not needed right now so that you can relax.

Could relax your mind, can heighten the senses connecting to this Moment.

You can feel the electricity of the moment as you keep your body relaxed.

You’re fully aware of your presence in the Now Momentum.

You’re aware of your connection with all that is Relaxing with the breathing yourself to be Each time you’re breathing in.

Feeling that now moment, feeling the freshness of the moment, feeling that breath coming in through your nose.

Refreshing your lungs and taking out with it, gently taking out anything that comes into the space.

It’s your time.

It’s your little vacation time, your time to just be.

With each breath, you’re just grounding your powerful stability.

You’re just breathing in your own stability.

It as you get to the end of your meditation, you may discover some inspiring feelings, some inspiring ideas, making themselves known.

Those you can take with you, you can bring those along with you out of your meditation.

And as you start coming back to the now moment into your body, wiggling your fingers, wiggling your toes, moving your spine.

Moving your head and your neck and your shoulders, taking the inspiration of the last moments of your meditation.

Whether you felt the beautiful energy of starting your day or completing your day.

Or you got some inspiration for your next steps, you get to take that with you as you open your eyes.

Feeling refreshed, feeling energized, feeling magnificent, feeling expansive, feeling authentic.

How do you feel?

Often what will happen at the end of the meditation is it can take weeks to quiet your mind.

But at the end of the meditation, if you’ve been able to quiet your mind even for a minute or so, you will find inspiration coming, ideas, next steps.

So what I like to do is have a journal next to me so that I can jot down the things that come to me at the end of the meditation.

So there you have it.

I love you.

Sending you love, sending you best wishes for beautiful meditations and a beautiful day or night.

I suggest using this meditation before you go to bed or in the morning when you wake up.

Either way, I would suggest, at the minimum, a ten minute meditation every morning before you get on your phone.

Before you do anything else, set the tone for your day.

And if you can manage to create a meditation time at the end of the day.

It’s a great way to stop momentum and send you into beautiful place for nighttime, for sleep, and set you up for a beautiful morning meditation.

If you get practiced at meditating, you’re going to see your visions expedited.

You’re going to see the things you want coming to your faster. So sending you big love.