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Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching on the Go. 

All week we have been discussing in this community just getting the best situation to forward your vision. 


It’s kind of like if you have a child, when a woman becomes pregnant, she wants to make sure that all systems are a go to create a healthy baby, to create the conditions that would be healthy.

And then when you have children in your home, you want to create the conditions for them to thrive. 

And when you go and you work somewhere or you want to create something, you get to create the conditions that will help your vision thrive. 


So this week we’ve talked about a variety of things, and I’m ending today by just talking about something that seems obvious, but we often don’t pay attention to it, and that’s, you know, treating yourself beautifully, just giving yourself credit for being a brilliant human being.

The only one like you, the only exact you in this universe in giving yourself every opportunity to to be free, to create, to move forward, to be satisfied, to have a meaningful life. 

So today, I would like you to focus today and this weekend on just being very good to yourself and practicing gratitude. 

So being grateful for the ideas you’re getting and for the challenges that you’re getting an opportunity to engage with, and for your drive to have more than what you’ve had before, to be bigger.

And bigger could be that you have a calmer life and you’ve transitioned from being really triggered by so many things to being more neutral and more open and available to create. 


So gratitude can look like so many things, but I want you to be grateful for who you are and for the steps you’ve been taking in your own expansion and then on being grateful. 

I want you to take some time today or this weekend to really be good to yourself, to do something beautiful for yourself.


And you know, when you do this, when you care for yourself and you show gratitude and you cultivate the kinds of relationships or you’re spending time around people who support you and your ideas and call you out when you’re not being your best and when you’re not putting your best foot forward, and and being the kind of person that’s constantly aware and and tweaking and moving forward the way that you allow things to take hold within you, how you operate so that you can have your vision.

When you do all these things, they’re going to call you to step forward and take action. 


So to create your vision, you get to set up this fertile ground of caring for yourself, loving your life, appreciating what you have, engaging in the challenge, and then the challenge of being alive and having the opportunity to get bigger and to grow bigger.


And then as you do that, you’re going to have this natural draw that’s going to call you forward into your vision. 

So I hope you enjoyed this week of investigation, and you can use this week over and over again, to keep you engaged in making sure that you’re creating the best possible environment for you to function, caring for yourself, caring for yourself inside and outside by surrounding yourself with the right tools, the right opportunities for learning, the right people, the right circumstances, just totally stacking the deck in your favor.


Sending you great love today.

Looking forward to seeing you continue to take great strides in creating a meaningful, meaningful life and creating your next big level, your yur big ideas, your big businesses, the things you always wanted to do that you haven’t. 

And with that, really creating an ability for yourself to be free, to roam freely. 

Sending you love.