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This is Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

It’s not easy to change your rules. 

Your rules are at the root of your operating system. 

Many of those rules have come from ages two and three and four, when you learn about life and society through your parents and your family. 

Some of those rules come from beautiful people that you really love, but they’re not meant for you.

Some of the rules were really appropriate when you were a kid, but they’re not appropriate now. 

They’re keeping you from something. 

And some are rules that are so subtle that it’s hard to realize what they are. 

You could have a rule or a belief that when somebody dies, they’re just gone, and you could feel great loss there.

I used to feel that. 

And then shortly thereafter, I started to sense that there was a presence of my loved one. 

I’ll use my grandpa as an example in this case, I could sense a presence from him. 

And so I started to consider that when someone passed away, they weren’t fully gone. 

Now, today I’m talking, right now, about not looking to science for the rule.

What is the rule you want to have or that makes sense to you that you’re feeling? 

You get to decide what the rules are in this universe, for you. 

So I wanted to ask you today to look inside and outside of what you know, or what people say is true, for your defining rules. 

You have to be very aware to change your rules, and it’s important to know that it’s just not easy. 

It requires a willingness to be really honest with yourself and to step outside your comfort zone. 

Your rules are in your comfort zone, and your beliefs. 

So to change them, you’re going into a place that you don’t even normally think about. 

It’s a place that you consider to be rock solid, that’s understood. 

For anybody to change a rule, they’re in that deep inner working area of their operating system, a place where no man has gone before.

When I started reengaging myself in that level of my understanding, I realized I had never done it before. 

I was in my forties and I had never done it before. 

I realized how often we go in and update our technology, or we get a new edition of a book. 

Way back then that was the update in technology, the updated version of the book.

Now you can just update your phone overnight to the next version, to the next whatever point oh. 

So isn’t it time for you to have You 0.5, or You 7.0, or You 32.1?

It’s time to step into your new operating system and constantly allow yourself to change a rule any time you find it. 

This is an ongoing process, and as you grow, why wouldn’t it be?

And it takes courage. 

It takes curiosity, openness, self-reflection, the willingness to challenge things that have been foundational for you for a long time. 

But often what you’ll discover is when you’re in there, you’ll see how outdated something is. 

You will be amazed that you are still operating under something that’s so primitive, and in some cases you’ll be able to simply let a rule go because it makes no sense anymore.

In other cases, you’ll be able to edit and expand, or slightly change a rule so that it’s still working for you today. 

Whatever you decide to do and however you do it, you can give yourself permission to shift, notice, drop, change rules throughout the rest of your life, so that you are freely moving forward into your expansion, removing anything that is keeping you from moving forward, removing anything that doesn’t serve you in liberating yourself so you can have the meaningful life that you came for.

Have a beautiful day.