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Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

Today I’m talking with you about what is in the gap.

That means when you’re working on a project, or you have momentum going towards something, and then all of a sudden you discover later that you let that go, you’ve made some subconscious decision not to continue forward, and you left it, you left it where it was.

And not only that, because you left it, you stopped the momentum of it, and now it’s either not revivable, or it’s going to take a lot of extra effort to revive it, like when you stop working out, and then you start from scratch.

So what’s in the gap means, what characteristic ways of being, what ways of functioning and thinking, what rules structures, operational styles, would take those scenarios where typically you drop the ball and opportunity and fill that gap and carry you forward.

I’ll use this as an example.

I’ve had many of these opportunities in my life, but in my art career, it always seemed hard, and there were rules and beliefs around how hard it was to make it in the arts.

Even though I did sell work consistently throughout my lifetime, in batches, and have shows and things, I would drop the ball.

And that what was in the gap for me.

You know, over time, I discovered many things that were in the gap that were promoting my dropping the ball and stopping having the tension I needed to keep things moving forward.

But when I looked back on it, I had a history of being acknowledged for my work.

So at the same time, I had stories about how difficult it was, from family from, or things that I believed were true, that were rules or structures around it being difficult for artists to make money, I still had a legacy of being acknowledged in the arts in grade school, junior high, high school, college, grad school, getting pieces into show is having my piece featured on the cover of the show bulletin, me being approached to sell batches of work to people, and then realizing that what you know, thinking about whatever happened to that deal, whatever happened to that scenario where I was going to sell this work.

When I started looking back into those episodes, I see an area where I dropped the ball, I see a moment in time where I made a decision, and I didn’t continue to pursue.

Today, I don’t do this.

Today, I am also familiar with the shenanigans that part of me when I’m uncertain, the shenanigans that part of me does to stop me from that discomfort.

I’m familiar with that.

And I’m also familiar with the feeling of not accomplishing what I’m meant to in this life, and so I know that me pushing through whatever uncertainty is there is much less of a discomfort than passing on what is possible.

So today, I am in a position where I do not let the ball drop, I keep the tension. And if I start feeling discomfort, I look at what is the next thing for me, what is the next step to take?

Once I do this, I keep moving forward.

So today, you are all in this community because there is something that you want more of or you know, there’s a bigger life waiting for you.

I want you to look back over your life and locate times when you are on a track to something and you just let it go.

This week, we’re going to discover what causes that, what for you is getting in the way.

Fear, lack of clarity, maybe you don’t know what to do next, maybe you’re not motivated, maybe you’re procrastinating for certain reasons, maybe you feel like there’s too much on the outside, too many obstacles presenting themselves.

I mean, when you’re going to grow, obstacles show up.

It’s how you handle those.

Is it self-doubt?

Is it a level of needing perfectionism?

So this week, we’re jumping in and we’re going to locate at least some of the things that are in the way of you stepping into the bigger life that you’re meant to experience here.

Have a beautiful day.