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Hey this is Anne with your Coaching on the Go, and we’re starting right into talk today about level one responsibility, which there is no responsibility in level one.

That’s where you are in victim mode. 

Everything is happening to you from the outside. 

If you find yourself blaming someone for anything, that’s victim mode. 

So I’m just going to talk with you, and if you’re in this community and you’re fine being in victim mode, then you’re not doing the work. 

Because I would likely expect that you will be very uncomfortable there, because your vibration has been high, you have been in a state of power and empowerment, so being in victim mode doesn’t feel good for you. 

Here are some ways to jump out of it:

Just take ownership at that moment. 

Acknowledge you are responsible for your life and circumstances, and you have the power to change whatever’s going on. 

Another thing you can do is just reframe your thoughts, and we do that regularly at SpiritRiver Coaching. 

Challenge your negative self-talk, challenge it and reframe it. 

Focus it towards the direction that you want solutions rather than problems.

Set some goals.

Identify what you want to achieve and set some measurable, specific goals. 

So if something got derailed, focus in on what you need to do next. 

And then the next thing is take action. 

Start taking some small steps towards the goals that you laid out.

That will help you build your momentum back and get your confidence back.

Also, practice self-care.

Take a bubble bath, do something that you love. 

Just stop when you catch yourself in victim mode and be nice to yourself. 

You could phone a friend, seek some support, surround yourself with positive people, supportive people. 

That’s what you get in this coaching community. 

Maybe you can go on the Facebook page or into your pod and share that you had a moment where you stepped into victim mode and you’re struggling to get out, and then learn from it, embrace it.

If you had a failure, instead of looking out…

You’re powerful, you are a creator. 

So what opportunity is lurking in this moment for you? 

Yeah, it’s important to remember that every so often it’s natural to get into victim mode, and it’s not hard to get out. 

So you can shift your mindset, take small steps to get out, one step at a time, and get your power back.

Sending you love.