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This is Anne with your Coaching on the Go!

This week I am digging deeper into what level four responsibility and leadership looks like.

If you look it up online, there are many different things that you’ll get about leadership distinctions.

These are the ones I’m outlining this week…

So if something is to happen, it’s up to you.

“If it’s to be, it’s up to me.”

That distinction supports you in being fully responsible, not looking outside of yourself, being in the center of the driving force, of what’s creating, what’s getting created.

The second one is “100% is possible 100% of the time.”

The next one is “live your life as if other people’s lives depend on it.” So your actions influence others and your actions influence the energy that’s around your and others.

You are the source of creation in your life and you can actually source and support other people in what they’re doing.

Another leadership distinction is “giving and generosity.”

It has to do with having to do with the abundant universe and when you are in the highest level of leadership, you are not in a place of what’s in it for you.

You are looking to create, to problem solve, to be resourceful, to get into the highest level of possibility.

So giving and generosity are part of that.

There’s not a space in there for what about me?

What is going to happen for me?

You are taken care of in the midst of your giving, in generosity, because you’re balanced.

And then lastly, “committed action versus psychological assessment.”

You get to stay in committed action. And I just talked about that resourcefulness.

When you are on the highest level, level four, where you are responsible for everything…and I know this is a challenging concept, I even feel some resistance when I say it…”I am responsible for everything” because there are still some unknowns there for me too!

But this week I’m breaking this down for you. When I am in this level of responsibility and leadership, I’m not wasting time looking for others to pick up the pieces or for others to do their fair share, or for me to be treated equally.

I am standing in a place of full power, where I am the one who is resourceful in finding the solution.

I’m navigating the pathway and creating and not waiting on anything.

It doesn’t mean that I am not listening to Spirit, that I’m not listening for inspiration.

That’s part of me being in responsibility, but I’m not looking for someone else to do it.

If someone comes by and I can enroll and partner, that’s great, but I’m not the little red hen either, whereas as a level four leader you are exhausted and feel taken advantage of.

It’s where you’re fully, fully stepped in. You understand that you are an important cog, you are a change maker, you’re a disruptor, you’re a supporter.

So I’m going to talk about each of these this week and you can take notes on them.

And certainly it’s a challenging topic on some level.

So I encourage you to pose questions in our Facebook group so that we can really have a discussion about level four leadership or standing. another word for it, standing in your full responsibility, in your full power.

Have a beautiful week this week, and I look forward to hearing from you in the Facebook page where we can engage on this topic.