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17a. Integrity with Self

Hi, this is Anne with SpiritRiver. So today I’m in the midst of a large project that I’m producing, and my timeline is off. Today is supposed to be the day that my promotion starts. My team and I have produced all the materials that the speakers need for my event, and my speakers have that, and they get to decide when they’re going to put this promotional material out within the next 10 days. This promotional package is not done, and it’s partly me and it’s partly my team, and it’s partly many things that I could start shifting the attention on, but ultimately this project is mine and it sits with me.

So what do I do? A part of me could get overwhelmed and let the project really get out of control, but I’ve never been someone to do that, especially when I have commitments that I’ve made to things broader than myself. But ultimately, if you don’t follow through and you don’t do what it takes to become resourceful, dig in and accomplish what you sent out to accomplish, your integrity with self is ultimately the biggest loser in this scenario, it takes the biggest hit.

Because every time we allow ourselves to not follow through on the things that we said we would do, or we intended, we are weakening our integrity with ourselves, and that muscle is getting weaker. So what I’ve really been enjoying this week, as the deadline has been approaching and it looked as if I wasn’t going to hit the target on the date, what I’ve been enjoying is saying within myself, “I’m a finisher, and I do what it takes to do the best I can in every situation and get this job done.” I learn along the way, when I don’t hit the mark perfectly, as well as I learn along the way even when I do hit the mark.

So I’m focused today on where I go from here. Not that I didn’t hit the date on time, but where I get to go from here. If I have members of my team that aren’t fulfilling their roles to perfection, as well as me, what do I do from here? And I’m excited about the resourceful possibilities about how this is going to get done, and it starts with me. It starts with me envisioning the steps that I need to take, that I get to take today, to get my part of this project completed, and the communication that it can take to continue to engage my partners, so that we can successfully get this done. Even if it’s not today, by tomorrow at the beginning of the day, so I’m only one day off versus seven days off.

So I hope this helps. We’re constantly being given opportunities to be resourceful and solution-based thinkers, and if we stay in the problem, we can’t get into the solution. So this morning I’m in the solution for setting a new deadline, and coming up to that deadline with resourcefulness and an attitude that’s great, and focused intentions on completion and integrity with myself as well as the people around me. Have a beautiful day.