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This is Anne with your Coaching on the Go, talking about being in your highest level of power and responsibility.

Yesterday I spoke with you about the leadership distinction entitled “If it’s to be, it’s up to me,” and today we’re talking about the distinction that’s entitled “100% is possible 100% of the time,” and what that means is there is a way to complete and succeed all the time.

You get to find that way and navigate it, and there’s some key habits and attitudes that I want to go over that can support you in stepping into that distinction, in living that way. 

So I have five I’m going to go through, the first one is belief in possibility. 

When you’re curious, when you believe in possibility, when things don’t go the right way or you’re navigating, you embrace possibility and you do it with a great attitude, effort and resources. 

You embrace a growth mindset and an openness to the different ways that you could navigate to succeed. 

Different approaches, different people, different attitudes, different possibilities that will take you to your vision. 

The second is resilience.

When you’re resilient, setbacks and failures don’t set you back very far.

You bounce back, you stay focused on your vision and you adapt. 

You adapt to the circumstances as they change and you just navigate and reroute, but you persevere. 

You don’t give up. 

The third is self-discipline.

To achieve 100%, 100% of the time requires you to be consistent with your effort and your focus. 

Developing a strong sense of self-discipline with habits like goal setting, like morning meditation, like walking out in nature in the afternoon to listen and hear and gather ideas, like managing your time effectively.

The fourth is collaborative mindset. 

Big things are rarely accomplished by working on your own by yourself, so you need to be willing to collaborate and work with others, and this means having good communication, building great relationships, valuing diverse perspectives without becoming disrupted by somebody not agreeing with you. 

So having a collaborative mindset also extends into the quantum field and into spirit, where you’re asking and you’re listening.

Ask and you shall receive. 

You’re asking for the support you need, and then you are looking and listening and hearing for the answers. 

So having a collaborative mindset involves both collaborating with other human beings and collaborating and co-creating in the quantum field with God, with God force, with creation.

And the fifth is action oriented. 

When you live by the mindset of 100% is possible 100% of the time, it requires taking action and being proactive. 

It also requires sometimes that your action be one of being quiet and listening and not forcing. 

This means taking ownership of tasks, making decisions, being accountable for results, knowing when to stop, knowing when to go.

Overall, this leadership distinction, it’s about the fact that you know there’s a way.

There’s always a way. 

You might not know what it is from moment to moment, but when you are embodying 100% is possible 100% of the time, an option isn’t that it’s not possible. 

It could change the way it looks, it could change who you’re working with, but you are on the way to completion. 

So, you have an attitude of possibility. 

You have a curiosity that looks for solutions consistently until you find them. 

You don’t stop, it’s relentless. 

So that’s your coaching today. 

The number two leadership distinction, 100% is possible 100% of the time. 

How do you feel about this distinction? 

Please post in the chat.

I would love to get some discussion going this week about these high level leadership distinctions, because they’re challenging even for me. 

There are things that I still question. 

So I ask myself, “What if this is true?”

What if it’s true? 

If I’m not sure if it’s true, I ask myself, “What if it were true?” 

If it were true that 100% is possible 100% of the time, what am I not seeing right now? 

What could I open myself to? 

What’s possible here that I haven’t thought of? 

Sending you big love. 

Have a beautiful day.