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Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

Today I am talking with you about one of the ways to step through obstacles that appear just before you are ready to hit another level of achievement.

Before you are ready to achieve a next level or step into another level of your expansion, often things show up, and it’s uncanny. 

It happens so often that I finally started to recognize these things as a clue that I was on the right path and that I was ready for some big expansion. 

And the bigger that confusion or the bigger that situation or scenario was that was about to potentially knock me off of my trajectory, the bigger the understanding of what was coming towards me became. 

So if I was going to enter the next level of something major, I started to discover that something major would go on in my life that could be so upsetting that it would derail me. 

Once I learned that this was a pattern, I developed some strategies around it so that I would recognize that it was just a signpost along the route to my expansion.

And more than that, I started to realize on the other side of getting through that obstacle, that further down the line, when I looked back, I could see that the obstacle actually prepped me for the attainment of the next level. 

So, it’s so magical. 

It’s as if the universe, God, creation, all that is, is preparing you so perfectly.

So now, instead of me feeling like these are obstacles and I shouldn’t know what to do, I just look at these as important things that I get to learn or grow through to become what is in my vision. 

So that’s the coaching for today, it’s pure and simple. 

When I faced these adverse conditions, with my mom getting hurt and me being the one that was going to have the opportunity to care for her, I got a choice.

Either I was going to care for my mom or I was going to continue achieving personally, or I could do both.

And I decided at that point that I was designed to do everything that was coming to me, everything that was being exposed to me, and at that moment, that’s why I talk about it more frequently than other times, it was a breakpoint for me where I chose that I was going to do both. 

I was going to step into my own expansion, and whatever came along, I was going to also handle that and step into full responsibility. 

So a lot of you are in this point, because you’re in the coaching, you’re stepping into another level and then something will happen, like a loved one will need something, or it seems like there’s a traumatic experience that will present itself that could throw you off your path. 

Once you shift into that level four leadership, where you are responsible for everything that happens in your life, then you just choose and you say, “How can I do both? How can I manage all of these things?” 

And then you shift into a problem solving, resourceful state.

When you’re in a state where you’re going to either let something go or let something else go, you’re constantly in this weak position of being a victim and letting go of your dreams and your future, and also the things that you’ve taken on as important to you, that you consider to be your responsibilities. 

So what if, today, you step into a commitment to yourself that when things come up on your way to your vision, you figure out how to engage with all of them and you figure out a way?

So that’s the coaching for today, how to turn obstacles into opportunities and look at them that way.

I reframe challenges that come into my life as not only opportunities for growth, but for the very growth that’s needed for me to become the very thing I’m thinking of next. 

If you can start looking that way, you will start to actually get excited about the challenges you face because you know that they are the mountain you get to climb to become the person who is completely qualified for the level that you’re on your way to.

Sending you love.