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185 Steps to Overcome Obstacles

This is Anne with your Coaching on the Go. 

Often in this community I chat with you about taking next steps, about simply discovering what to do next and taking some action, and that is one of the ways that you step through that very uncomfortable time right before you have your massive expansion. 

The time where obstacles seem to be popping up and you start to ask yourself if you’re on the right track, but really, it’s the road sign letting you know you ARE on the right track. 

So I highly suggest, and this is what I do, I look around during that discomfort when the resistance is coming up, when I’m starting to question myself, when I have felt as if I’m very close to manifesting what I’m creating, I kind of gather myself, shake it off, and I look for the simplest next step to take.

And what does that do? 

It helps you build your momentum back up. 

We spent quite a bit of time earlier in this month talking about momentum, and we talk about it every so often, the different things that create momentum in the direction that you want, and create momentum in the direction that you’re not interested. 

So taking action starts to shift momentum or keep momentum going towards what your vision is, and as you do that, you gain confidence. 

So each time you get stifled by resistance or challenge and you get in that habit of building your muscle in the direction of “now what?” and taking action, it will help you overcome the obstacles and it will speed your movement towards your vision, towards your new position, towards your new business, towards the next level of financial independence and flow.

Taking action is one of the most important things you can do, and not just any action. 

When you look at the plan that you have laid out and you reconnect yourself to your vision, what is the next thing that is prompting you? 

It could be just a curiosity, so then you get to investigate that curiosity. 

It could be organizing your desk, your area, your office, your mind.

You can organize your mind by organizing your space. 

You can organize your space by organizing your mind.

They work together. 

So what is a small action you can take each time you feel like you’re in a challenge? 

And sometimes the small action can look like you understanding that this is part of the process and you getting curious, and in that curiosity, you discovering what to do next. 

So, it’s a short one today. 

It’s a short one and it’s an important one. 

Our first step in stepping through the challenge, the massive challenge associated with that bell shaped growth curve we talked about yesterday, and that was reframing obstacles as opportunities, and today’s is taking action. 

What one action can you commit to today that moves you towards your vision?

Post it in the chat in the Facebook page, and have a beautiful day.