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186 Creating Your Powerful Team

This is Anne with your Coaching on the Go, talking about the third strategy that I use so that I power through obstacles and challenges instead of folding, procrastinating, going into perfectionism, going down into level one or two leadership and responsibility. 

I have all sorts of things set up for myself so I can succeed and get the support I need.

I didn’t grow up around people who were entrepreneurs. 

Now I have a couple siblings who are entrepreneurs. 

My parents are broad, broad minded thinkers, so I can tell them a fair amount about what I’m doing, but I don’t know any millionaires from my childhood. 

I don’t know any billionaires from my childhood. 

I don’t know any business people who are making over 10 million a year or have over 100 million dollars, or have a business they built from scratch that’s making them ten times what they made when they were working for somebody else. 

So, I have seeked out people for that. 

I have seeked out people who are in the circles that I would like to be in. 

I have a transformation coach, a high-level businessman and a group of angel investors and entrepreneurs who are really challenging themselves, really outside of their comfort zone.

I have a high-level business coach who is supremely successful, and under her tutelage I have an additional coach that made over 10 million last year in his own business, and not his coaching business, in an additional business. 

So these are serial entrepreneurs that I’m surrounding myself with because I’m a serial entrepreneur. 

I also have groups of friends who are striving for massive expansion, who are building their own businesses, and some are coaches like me with similar niches, but different – everybody’s unique and individual. 

I have a partner. 

It doesn’t always happen that you have a partner that is solidly supportive. 

He is not the risk taker I am, but he sees what I’m doing and he admires it, and whenever he can, he supports something. 

So early on, when I didn’t have a lot of funds and there was a business mastermind going on with one of my coaches, he got me the ticket and said I get to go there, and he went with me. 

He’s been a super supporter.

Now a lot of my family members are not that way because they’re in a different part of their life. 

They’re on a different trajectory, so I don’t expect them to be everything for me. 

I still love them, I have them in my life, but I have key people set up.

I have a psychotherapist who deals with my mind, because your thoughts are things, and if I get to a point where I am not handling things well, I go in and I take care of it and I get a strategy. 

I have my business mentors and I have transformation mentors who are thinking way outside the box. 

So for me, I look at the different areas where I go to expand my thinking, and I have people set up in each of those areas that are at a higher level, or at least they may be at a really high level of free thinking and they create a mastermind around me.

I’m contributing to them and they’re contributing to me. 

So the point is, the third strategy for continuing to step through the major obstacles that show up right before your next expansion are to reframe obstacles as opportunities. 

So we’re looking at these obstacles as opportunities. 

We’re taking action when we feel this resistance or this obstacle or challenge appear.

We’re saying, “Okay, I see it, it’s a road sign to my next level, and what is my next step?” 

And then today what I’m talking about is you creating a super fertile environment around yourself that is full of support – mentors, coaches – people who are peers or big thinkers that you can actually talk about what you’re doing with.

That when you’re talking, you don’t face all sorts of resistance.

There is encouragement, there is resourceful possibility, and you’re setting yourself up in that fertile environment of interaction so that when you do come up against challenges, you have a supportive community you can ask questions of, you can get advice, you can get support that will aid you in staying motivated and focused even when you’re in massive challenge.

So the coaches that I have gone through leadership trainings with, or the individuals I’ve gone through those trainings with, we hold each other high, we see each other in our bigness. 

We don’t accept excuses. 

If we discover one of us is down in a level one or level two responsibility or leadership, we care enough about one another that we don’t go down there and commiserate, we lift each other up. 

We support in the new moment, clearing the air. 

Now what? 

And if there is a struggle, we take each other down in and release that struggle and get new perspectives on it. 

So the coaching today is around you creating what you need, so your homework is to assess the support system you have created up to now, and is it serving you or do you have some gaps where you still could add something? 

Post that in the community page and I will comment on it there. 

Have a beautiful day.