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It’s Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

It seems that daily, within the coaching, vision comes up. 

Focus, clarity, target. 

So today, the last strategy I’m giving you in focusing forward… and it’s not the last, there are more.

There are certainly additional strategies, but I’m going to throw a number of things into this. 

Stay focused on your “why.”

Remember why you started on your journey, why this vision is so important to you in the first place, and stay focused on your purpose and vision. 

This dramatically helps you stay motivated and determined when obstacles get thrown in your way. 

They feel like they get thrown in there, but it is your comfort zone that’s being threatened and your vibration exudes that, and so part of you is asking for that slow down. 

Part of you is needing more expansion to climb up to that next level, so this is perfectly being presented to you.

So recently, and every so often, I throw you guys into a meditation, and what I love to do is have you go back to a time when you were supremely powerful.

I constantly go back to a moment when I’m running down the alley in the sun, in the early summer/late spring, towards my grandpa’s house in my windbreaker.

The windbreaker’s open, it’s flapping, I’m running.

I feel as if I could take off and fly, and I really believe that. 

I feel so powerful. 

I go back to a time, and I ask you to go back to a time like that, where you can remember your invincibility beyond reason.

You don’t have to reason it, you know it’s there. 

I have you remember that and lock it in, and then I have you go forward past your vision, past the completion of the vision into a time when you’re living in it, celebrating it, thinking back on how at one time it was just an idea. 

You’re seeing people influenced by it, affected by it.

You’re seeing what you have impacted. 

You’re celebrating it and you’re feeling that down into the tips of your toes. 

The reason I have you do that… and I do that regularly.

Pretty much daily, you could find me in my vision, and the reason is it pulls you forward when you struggle.

It pulls you through what seem to be obstacles.

When you have a fear, the vision is so big and so vivid, and each time you go into vision through meditation, or daydream into your vision, or end up in your vision as you walk outside, walk in the woods or paddle in the river, or do whatever it is you do, it’s so big that it pulls you through your fear. 

Your fear is smaller than that is.

Your vision is bigger than the obstacles.

So today your homework is to do the meditation. 

Find it.

Recently I did it again, but every so often I do a meditation, it’ll be in your library, discover it.

Or walk yourself through a meditation, or as you’re standing in line somewhere, or there’s something going on, like you’re in a traffic jam, go into your future and play there.

The more refined you can get your vision, the more powerful it is. 

It is a gravitational force that pulls you forward. 

So that ends our week of talking about the ways to travel through that vision, and just to summarize for you, obstacles often appear just before you reach your next level. 

You could feel the next level so close, and for a lot of people, they completely derail those people and they don’t come back from it.

But you have tools, you can overcome these obstacles and challenges with a growth mindset, having seen the obstacles as opportunities to grow and to become the type of person that’s going to function well in your vision, and to take steps, deliberate steps, next steps to surround yourself with support and mentorship so you can continue moving forward in fertile ground.

And then the ability to focus on your purpose and vision, to have such a powerful vision that when you’re doubting, you’re fearful, you are facing obstacles, you are continuing to feel the pull of your vision.

When you embrace the obstacles as opportunities for growth and learning, you can navigate the growth curve with more ease.

Not complete ease, but more ease.

And you can achieve what’s in your vision and live that satisfying, meaningful life that comes from you being a master creator and having the tools to constantly navigate to a higher level of expansion.

Sending you big love. 

Looking forward to hearing from you about your constantly clarifying and enlarging vision. 

I love you.