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Hey this is Anne with your Coaching on the Go, today talking about mistakes, making mistakes. 

Do you make mistakes? 

I do not make mistakes. 

To me, what’s happening around me is I’m getting an opportunity to leap, to have free will, to engage with something and then have another opportunity to make an adjustment. 

It’s the most gentle thing in the world when you don’t make mistakes, because every action that you take is an opportunity for feedback and adjustment.

How would it feel today if you were able to make all sorts of choices and try things without being judged, without you or someone else telling you you’ve made a mistake? 

What if it became a life where you were constantly experimenting with possibilities? 

So today I want to just give you the possibility of thinking of your life in this way, that when you take a risk, it’s not risky.

You’re a child taking a first step, and if you plop over on your behind, somebody supports you in getting up, and then you work on the balance and structure it takes to do it again and do it even better. 

My father, his mission in life is to be the best he can be every day. 

If you are simply, in every moment, being the best you can be, and with all the information that you’ve ever had in your life, and in the moment that you are standing in the energy, in the emotional state, in the psychological state, you are making the best choice in that moment.

And you make the choice. 

You see the effect of it, and if you like it, you continue adding on to that. 

If you don’t like it, you make an adjustment.

What if that’s the kind of life you have, and it’s not punitive? 

What if it’s free? 

Remember being in a kindergarten classroom. 

I remember that. 

Go back to a time when you were in a very nurturing environment. 

When I taught in the high school, I would say, “You can’t make mistakes. 

You’re here, you’re exploring. 

You can always make adjustments.”

So can you give that environment to yourself today? 

Can you make a choice today to allow yourself the freedom, the liberation to play in this world, to problem solve, to engage with something, to be a resourceful solution finder and an explorer of possibility?

See what happens when you put your mindset there, instead of feeling as if you’re locked in place because you’re scared to make a mistake.

That’s your coaching for today. 

Sending you love.