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Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

Today I’m talking about level four responsibility and leadership in relation to navigating your path, mistakes, fear, fear of moving forward and anything else that is surrounding your creative journey. 

When I was younger, my sister went to school, and at school the teacher talked with her because she threw her eraser in the garbage.

When the teacher asked her why she threw it in there, she said, “I don’t make mistakes.” 

As I became a teacher, and I was an artist, I realized when a student or I would erase a line or get rid of an area on a piece of artwork, before I had chosen the new spot where that line or mark would go, I may make that mistake three or four or five times.

And I began to instruct my students that if you feel like you made a mistake, just leave that on the paper and continue making adjustments until you’re happy with what you see, then you can go back in and tidy up the lines that you don’t care for. 

This is such a great analogy for creating a fertile environment for you to take risks and understand the process of creating.

When you look at billionaires, millionaires, entrepreneurs, they will tell you they have made many, many decisions that took them in a direction that wasn’t going to be permanent, but took them in a direction that they learned from so they could move forward, and that included many businesses that didn’t make it. 

So some people would consider those failures, but if you watch that person behind that failed business, they are creators, they continue forward, they learn from those mistakes and they create something successful beyond that. 

Falling forward is what you can call that.

Falling forward – you make a mistake, you fall – and I use the word mistake because that’s a common word, but I don’t consider those mistakes.

Those are steps forward, and then adjustments are taken, and then more steps forward come from that. 

What I’m doing this week in the coaching is working to liberate your fear and create an environment where it’s okay to explore, it’s okay to experiment. 

The faster you do it and the more freely you do it, the more accurate your aim is because you’re not having it surrounded by fear.

The more pure your response is to create that adjustment and the faster you learn, the more fun it is. 

So today’s coaching is just another step in the discussion on you as a master creator and the punitive side of creation, where people are scared to do the wrong thing. 

They’re scared to make what people call a mistake, and that wrecks your aim. 

That takes the high-level energy of creation out of the aim. 

It takes the confidence away. 

So this week’s coaching is all about restoring your courageousness, your natural state of wanting to explore and try things, and it brings back your youth. 

Have a beautiful day. 

I’d love to hear your feedback on this coaching today, let me know in the chat for the social page.