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Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching on the Go, and I’m talking about different aspects of schedule and calendar that can create a life where you have space to get hunches, and you have time to work and you have a life. 

Wow, is that possible? 


Today I’m just talking about the importance of breaks, breaks throughout the day.

If you haven’t had a schedule where you’ve allowed yourself to have some big breaks in the middle, this week you get to start creating that for yourself. 

It’s highly productive. 

I never used to do this, and when I did feel like taking a break, I would feel guilty for it. 

Often because I needed a break, I would be wasting time or multitasking while I was at work, because part of my being needed the break and the other part of my being was shaming me for wanting to take one.

Now that there is so much research about the value of having breaks between work time, you can fall back on that and you can know that your bodily instinct to have a break was super accurate. 

So now I don’t just take a 15 or 20 minute break, I take an hour or two between work segments. 

It’s proving to be extremely productive for me.

I have to add also, though, that I leverage other people when I work. 

When there’s somebody else who I can hire, or in the hub model, you hire out different aspects of your business, so that you do what you do best and you hire others to do what they do best. 

So I have to say, I don’t do every single thing myself, but I do most things, and then I have a VA that I hire, and she’s got some support staff, so she has her own company, and then I engage in some tools that can maximize my time. 

So I’ve learned how to leverage not only time, but people, resources in general, to give myself space, and I make sure that I get spaces between aspects of my calendar so that I have that downtime.

And I’ve used this example before, but when I work on my artwork, if I’m at the easel for many hours and I haven’t taken a break, when I finally do take the break and I come back later, I immediately can see what needs to be done. 

I immediately can see if something isn’t balanced, if something needs to be shifted.

If I don’t take the breaks, I continue to work through that and I work right into it and I’m not able to catch it, so it wastes quite a bit of time, and I first realized this as I worked on my studio work.

The value of taking a break was that when you would come back, you would instantly have expedited your time because you would see things that needed to be shifted and you had fresh eyes to do it.

I also like to use the example of when you’re working on a puzzle, or when you have a struggle and you go to sleep or take a nap, and you wake up and you have the answer. 

There’s an aspect of you that’s connected to the quantum field, connected to all that is, that when you relax part of you, the other part of you can do its work.

So that’s what’s happening here in taking breaks during the day, you’re giving that part of you an opportunity to step back. 

That part that’s been digging into the work, you’re giving that part of you the ability to rest for a bit. 

And it can happen through doing mundane tasks – it can happen through dancing, it can happen through taking a walk out in nature.

The best places to go are places that release you and let you feel like you are in a space or you have some room. 

So today, if you haven’t been scheduling in breaks throughout your day to recharge and refresh your mind and your spirit, start scheduling that in and use that time to engage in activities that help you relax.

They let your brain go on autopilot, they recharge you, they let you play so that you can hear your spirit and you can get the hunches. 

Have a beautiful day.