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This is Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

High level productivity with your schedule involves an openness, an open mindedness to possibility. 

We’ve talked about prioritizing your schedule, practicing mindfulness, scheduling time for reflection, taking breaks. 

I suggested that you get to have self-care, be in a good spot with yourself. 

All these things contribute to an open mindedness. 

If you come into a project or a work day and you are rigid in that expectation of how it is going to play out, you get to miss out on all the serendipity that is there and possible.

When you have your schedule set up where you have productivity and you have gaps for downtime, and you have mindfulness and you have this openness and this calmness, what that sets up is all sorts of possibilities being delivered to you that can show you a better way. 

When I ask for something, I immediately mention that I have eyes to see it and ears to hear it. 

I immediately plant the thought and understanding that I will be open to what I just asked for, however it shows up, and when I do that, the most magnificent details fill themselves in. 

So the last thing I want to mention this week, this is a big topic and I’m going to go more into detail over time, but the last thing I want to mention is how important it is not to already decide that you know exactly what it’s going to look like when you open yourself to being a collaborator in this universe, in this creative universe that is working on your behalf.

All sorts of beautiful things can happen. 

Shortcuts can show up that can cut a year off of your plan. 

You can have somebody give you an idea that shifts and makes efficient the way that you work. 

You could have somebody show up who is really interested in creating a version of what you’re creating, and you could end up working together.

The sky’s the limit on possibility.

But the most important thing in how you want to create a schedule for yourself is that you allow yourself this fertile ground that I keep talking about. 

You create it. 

You create it in your schedule on a daily basis so that you can strengthen those muscles that you need to communicate with yourself and the universe, the quantum field, the Higgs field. 

If you know everything already, then you’re cutting off possible meanderings of that river as it’s going towards the destination. 

Some of those magical things that ever happened to me just happened through serendipity. 

When I went and sat along the riverbank and just felt these beautiful feelings of wanting, wanting to have and wanting to create and wanting to experience, and then I asked for a piece of property along water. 

And within a month, I owned Spirit River, against all odds. 

Obviously it wasn’t against all odds, or I wouldn’t have had it. 

And things have happened there beyond my wildest dreams, better than I ever imagined. 

They continue to happen.

I might think that I need to build a certain structure or building before I can do a retreat, and then a space opens up for me almost adjacent to my property that has everything I need to get started. 

I live in a space of open mindedness, and it’s a playfulness towards possibility that I want to encourage you to jump into. 

What if life is play? 

What if the biggest projects that you felt like you used to have to effort on, you now see as play?

What kind of energy comes up around that? 

What kind of energy do you have for it when it’s play versus toil and work? 

What if your work is play? 

What if your biggest challenges are play? 

So I want to end this week about schedule and time in letting you know that really, it’s a game.

It’s how you choose to think about it. 

Years ago, when I started to realize that time was infinite, my days became long and languorous. 

I don’t rush anything, and a lot gets done now. 

I’m not running around dropping things. 

Everything is moving forward, and I have the most calm I’ve ever had because I’m in a dance with the energy around me, with that God force, with the force of all creation.

I’m a cog in that. 

Look at the way that you operate your schedule, look at what you’re creating. 

Look at the energy that you bring to it. 

Give yourself an audit, do some tweaking. 

What can you do differently to create the kind of schedule that you would love, that you will thrive in, knowing that there are people out there creating 40 times what you’re creating in a day, and they’re not stressed out.

What’s possible for you this week? 

What’s possible for you to discover that you could start shifting and bending time with? 

I have bent time dramatically in the last couple of years, and we’ll talk about this more, but this is your kickstart on just really looking at time as a spiritual element and seeing what you can do there to open up your connectivity, so that you can maximize it, and that it’s fun and it’s refreshing, and it’s stimulating and full of possibility.

Have a beautiful day.