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Today I just want to talk with you about shifting, about shifting to open possibilities in your life. This week I really wanted to go go up to Spirit River to start my next drawing and I typically have certain things that happen throughout the week, and I felt as if I couldn’t have what I wanted and then I decided that I hadn’t tried and I opened myself to the possibilities.I switched things around and things are going my way. I’m going tomorrow up to Spirit River in and spending four days there beginning my next large-scale drawing. So where in your life do you have an idea about something that you really want and before you give your mind and spirit and environment around you the opportunity to make a path for you, how many of you shut that down? Do you shut that down and what can you do to open? Let’s just make this an exercise for the week, that the next couple times you notice yourself thinking about something you really like, and notice if you stay open to that or if you close by shooting it down or coming up with excuses or reasons. If you notice yourself closing, let’s give yourself an opportunity to open the possibilities by just telling yourself: “I’m just going to wait on that and I’m going to see what solutions might show up, what possibilities might show up. You can even ask in your meditation at night to let your mind and spirit work out some possibilities and solutions for you. So that’s our thought for today: give yourself more time to see the path to the thing that you want and allow it. Don’t be the one that shuts it down. 


Jump in the chat and or send me an email back and give me some feedback. What did you think about this, and what do you do to stay open, or do you struggle with this? Looking forward to interacting with you next time.