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20 Exercising and Eating by Blood Type?

May 22, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hey, it’s Anne with SpiritRiver Coaching on the Go. Have you ever read a book about health and wellness and then you thought it was a great idea and you started doing that for yourself, adapting it to your lifestyle and adopting it? Well, I’ve done the same thing over the course of my lifetime. I watched my parents adapt and continue to expand and add things to their health repertoire, and I’ve done the same.

But I recently met… not that recently, but I met a woman, Dr. Holly Donahue, and she’s a licensed naturopath, and as a doctor she helps people in all sorts of ways with their health. And one of the things she told me was that, depending on our blood type, a certain diet and a certain regimen is more beneficial than another. A blood type A versus blood type O or AB respond differently to food and exercise.

So I found out recently, being an O, and this makes so much sense to me, that rigorous exercise early in the morning is fabulous for an O, and that an O should have protein with every meal, protein and vegetables, and really go low on the starches and sugars. And I’ve been noticing that for myself, and over the years, when she said it, I could just replay my life over the years and know that the times in my life when I was really highly engaged, and not just engaged, but really efficient, were when I was getting up early and exercising hard.

So, isn’t that interesting? That we often can go for a particular regimen that is popular, and that regimen is probably really working for a faction of human beings. But find out what your blood type is and find out what suits your blood type, and I think that you’ll be more productive.

I’m hosting an interview with Holly very soon. I know over time this won’t be pertinent, but she’s coming up in our Extraordinary Life online event. She’s coming up in a few days, so watch for Dr. Holly Donodue. Otherwise, go find her and look up her information. Have a beautiful day, and make sure that you are aligned with all the aspects of who you are to be a productive person who’s living at the highest, most satisfying, lip smacking level.