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Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching on the Go, picking up again talking about what could create an issue for you in shooting at your vision, shooting at the target that your vision is inside of. 

Yesterday I spoke about perceived barriers.

Something comes up that you think is impossible, or you don’t know what to do next.

Today I just want to talk about some basic lack of self-belief.

When you’re going in to do something you’ve never done before, you haven’t done it, so there would be a natural understanding that there’s a possibility that you don’t have what it takes. 

If you doubt what your abilities are or you question if you’re capable, this is a lack of self-belief and it can be intimidating, and it can prevent you from pursuing your vision.

What I recommend there is looking back into your past for evidence of times when you didn’t know what you were going to do next. 

This has happened throughout your whole life. 

You’ve done things that you had never done before, you have a history of it. 

So you get to look back into your past for times when you really excelled or did something that you had to learn and then execute, and take note of that.

You are prepared for this.

You get to know that you are designed for this moment. 

Everything that you’ve experienced before this has led you to being ready. 

It may be that you are a good learner, it may be that you’ve become resourceful.

Because you don’t know everything, you have become able to discover, get curious, find ways, meet the right people, connect into spirit.

So you get to look into your past history to get past this lack of self-belief that you have right now. 

I’m going to pop into another area too, right away – the fear of failure. 

You may be having a clear vision on what you want to achieve, but you might be intimidated by the possibility of failing, and it can look like many different things, but it can prevent you from taking action so it can lock you in place.

What I like to do in this situation is let myself know that I could stop, I could drop the idea, and then I feel what that feels like. 

If you just drop your vision and decide you’re going to go back to your normal, everyday life, how does that feel for you? 

For me, it feels like I have just sold out on myself when I do that, because I separate myself into a couple of different personalities at times. 

So what I’m saying is, “Hey Anne, you know you don’t have to do this. 

You could just live the kind of life that quite a number of people around you are living, and there’s nothing wrong with it.” 

And then the other part of me that likes challenge says, “What are you talking about?”

Almost gets agitated that that other part of me… and that could be represented in a parent that’s concerned about you, or a friend that’s concerned about you. 

Sometimes they will say the very things that a part of you is thinking, and then you get agitated. 

I do. 

If I’m feeling a little insecure and someone that I love says, “Well, you’re hard on yourself, you don’t have to do that,” because I’m already thinking that down inside, on some level of my own energy, it triggers me and I fight for it. 

So, I use that to my advantage. 

I suggest it to myself because it’s a possibility. 

You don’t have to be striving for something bigger than you already have, and when I remind myself I don’t have to, then that latches me into the understanding that it’s my choice and I want to, because it’s exciting. 

And what if I did fail? 

Then I will have known. 

I will have more information, new information. 

And is it a failure? 

Because I will propel off of that. 

Sometimes you might attempt a particular thing that you’re not sure about and you discover it’s not what you want, and that’s successful, to know what you don’t want, so you can continue moving towards what you do want. 

So today’s coaching is around the fear of failure, and also building yourself up if you have some nagging lack of self-belief.

Take a look at yourself today and see if you are fitting into either of these, or both. 

Take some notes on it, throw them in the Facebook page.

I rarely see people put their things in the Facebook page, it takes some guts. 

You can also send me a reply in email, just to do your homework. 

Let me know you’re doing your homework, and I’ll continue this conversation tomorrow with a couple other things that I have up my sleeve that will support you in continuing to move forward.

Sending you big love today, and a belief in you to keep moving forward on your vision. 

You’re here for a reason, you were compelled to jump in here for a reason. 

You are interested in a bigger life. 

What does that look like? 

Let’s keep moving on it.