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Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

This week we’re talking about the way you speak about your life, the way you speak about your momentum, the stories that you choose to tell about yourself, how you introduce yourself, how you describe yourself, how you think about yourself. 

Why would we do this? 

Because it’s powerful. 

You are setting in motion your future by how you handle each of these topics.

If you decide that you’re an entrepreneur, for example, and before you had been doing something else, you’ll start to act different. 

You’ll start to carry on in ways that are conducive to a successful entrepreneur. 

That’s why it’s so important to talk into your future, to speak it into existence. 

I have a technique that I have my clients do, and I just want to articulate it here.

It’s a technique that supports in changing your story and noticing different things, noticing the things that will get you where you want to go instead of noticing other things. 

I have people keep either a journal or a poster. 

Sometimes it’s really helpful to have something that you can see when you look around, and on that poster or in that journal, I want you to keep track of the things that you do that make a difference in your life. 

So what did you do, what caused you to say yes to something that connected you to the Spirit River community? 

If you haven’t been making a list so far, if you can figure out what that was, what that moment was, or what you were thinking at that moment when you said yes to the Spirit River coaching community, that would be the first thing you put on your list.

You can go beyond that too, you can go further than that if you want to. 

It could be some traumatic or difficult situation, or just a scenario where you realize that you are meant to be bigger or that you were stuck somewhere and you wanted support, and then you spotted a show I was doing or however you got to me.

For some of you, it’s noticing when you decided to take the coaching, when you said yes to investing in yourself.

It would seem like you’re investing in my program, but you’re really investing in yourself. 

When you decided you were valuable enough or your situation was in the place it was in, and coaching was going to help support shifting you, that was another thing you put on your list.

And then what started to happen?

If you noticed shifts in the way you were thinking, if you noticed your energy changing. 

A yes to yourself starts a chain reaction, and what I want you to do is be changing your story, and I don’t care if you leave every other story off and you start with this one.

I don’t really tell my past stories anymore except to educate or to inspire, because they’re not where I am right now. 

They’re not interesting to me anymore because I’m already where I am today and I’m moving forward, that’s what’s interesting to me. 

That’s the story I’m telling now. 

For some of you, you have a story that’s not empowering.

What I support people in doing to dig out of a story they’ve been telling over and over and over, that’s not what you want in your life, is to be noticing the things that you’re doing now and how that’s shifting you forward. 

So if you, for example, take one of the daily coaching segments and you really apply it and it starts to change the way you think on a daily basis, put that on your poster, put it in your journal. 

So what we’re doing here, when you journal or make a poster about the great choices you’ve been making, and then doors that open because of those choices and because of that movement, is you start to develop a confidence in your own movement, in your forward direction, and that’s what I want.

I want there to be evidence all over the place of you making great decisions and taking great actions forward, and it propelling you in your life. 

And then each time you see a scenario that you may have done something different in the past, but instead you chose a new way of being and you got a different result that was favorable, I want you to note that.

You’re creating a new history that represents great decision making, powerful leadership, and it’s going to give you the confidence and momentum to keep moving forward. 

If you haven’t already, start a poster or start a journal today.

If you have and you haven’t been tending to it, jump back in there, reread it and add to it.

Have a beautiful day.