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Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching on the Go. 

How long has it been since you got super playful and just decided to imagine what you were going to be next, and really locked into the feeling of that? 

Remember from when you were a child, how easy it was when you were playing with your friends to think about what you wanted to become, and say it out loud without any reservation?

When I was a little girl, I wrote things down on paper that I wanted to be, and later in my adult life, I realized I had become those things. 

Wow, how powerful. 

When I think back into junior high, I wrote more things down that I wanted to be, and I became those later. 

Spirit River is where it is right now because of me writing something down on paper that I wanted, imagining myself having it, and just locking into the whimsy and the power of the childhood ask. 

This week, I’m taking you on a journey to reconnect you with the power of your authentic, creative child. 

There’s a lot of analytical components around this, but the bottom line is that you were put here to be a master creator. 

What is choking you?

What are you choking on that you know you want to do and you’re scared to try it? 

This week I’m going to talk about how plugging back into your childhood master creator energy is going to unleash your creativity, support you in overcoming limitations, open up possibilities to you, ignite your passion and your motivation, make you resilient and adaptable, support you in attracting the resources and the hunches and the direction that you need to create that impossible dream, and also how to open yourself up to unlimited expansion,  how fantastic that feels. 

So your call to action today is to meditate or think back on a time when you were absolutely invincible, creative, effervescent. 

Full of possibilities, full of ideas, full of direction.

You didn’t need anybody to tell you what to do next. 

And then I want you to find a photograph of yourself as a child being absolutely powerful and invincible, and post it in the Facebook page with a description of the characteristics that you embodied at that age, because it’s inspiring. 

And then pay attention the rest of the week, if you’re in the coaching, for the secrets and tips of being a master creator, the tips that I’ve used very successfully in my own life. 

If you have something big that is calling you and you’re scared or nervous or don’t know how to do it, something’s getting in the way between you and what you want to do, just send me a reply to this email and we’ll jump on the phone, and you can discover what it would look like to have my support in stepping into the next level of your amazing and incredible life opportunity.

Have a beautiful day.