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This is Anne with your Coaching on the go, taking one step further with you in the creative process that I use to create the biggest things that I’ve ever created in my life. 

The next step to it is being open enough to attract the resources and support that you need. 

First of all, big, exciting ideas, they attract other big, exciting idea thinkers.

So when you release your idea, bit by bit around other people who you feel like are aligned with you, things start to happen.

On an energetic level, when you originally think of your idea and you start to lock it into your being, you start sending off an energy, you start emitting an energy.

And your questions, that’s why I ask you to ask at the end of the day and listen in the morning, because your questions will get answered, but you get to be in a quiet space or a space that’s inspiring to you to hear those answers. 

I’m constantly suggesting that you meditate in the mornings, and something that’s more effective for me than any other thing that I do is going up to Spirit River, going in the woods, but specifically going out on the cliff. 

There are certain spots that are like the vortexes in Sedona for me.

The energy is different and I feel heard by all of creation. 

I make a pilgrimage to those places when I am really looking for guidance, and it’s partly, I believe, the trip to those places that sets me up for the great listening. 

I can also just step outside. 

You can step outside. 

Feel the difference between the interior and the exterior spaces that you spend time in, especially when it’s nice out, or even when it’s snowing or cold or even rainy.

When you go outside, there’s a different feeling of infinity out there. 

So one of the tools that I use is I go out where I am very attuned with the moment, and ironically it locks me into infinity at the same time.

At the same time that I can hear birds chirping and I can pay attention to a small bug that’s next to me that’s really cool looking, my brain starts to focus on that and my senses start to get downloads of other things, because I’m not engulfing my being with deliberate thinking. 

So today’s coaching is asking you to discover the areas where you really can let your mind go and let your senses become awake.

A meditation does that because you stop, you just stop everything. 

And it’s difficult to do it, but once you do, you’ll find that you get light. 

You’ll find yourself smiling when you get into that high level vibration of the meditation, you’ll feel yourself in a playful space. 

You’ll start to hear things, you start to see things, you’ll start to sense what to do next.

When you’re out in the world and you’re used to this sort of practice and listening, when you bump into someone, you’ll know that that someone is there to support you. 

You’ll know. 

You’ll know that a resource that shows up has been just delivered to you. 

So the call to action for today is for you to, if you’re not involved in a daily practice of meditation or sitting quietly outside, or going somewhere or doing something that allows your brain to go on autopilot so you can hear your hunches, investigate what you can do and where you can go. 

Are there new spaces you could go to? 

Are there new practices you could pick up? 

How are you treating your downtime? 

Are you treating your non-work time like it’s as valuable as your work time, or are you cutting corners on that time? 

Take an audit today, because what I’m moving you towards is the understanding that that time you take, when it seems like you’re doing nothing, is some of the most important time you spend every day.

Have a beautiful day.