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This is Anne with your Coaching on the Go, and this week we have been talking all about tapping into your inner child, your authentic creative nature, the nature that you came in here powerfully with, before you had anyone tell you what you could or couldn’t do, before you ever had been hurt and started to rein yourself in, as to not be hurt again.

One of the biggest reasons we create a vision or have a vision isn’t for the thing that we are going to be, do or have. 

It’s for what we get to experience, learn and travel through to become that new thing, that vision, that version. 

The ultimate goal, I think, in this life – you could think I’m wrong – our ultimate purpose is growth, and when you embrace your childlike openness and imagination, you encourage your growth and self-discovery. 

Have you ever watched a child run around in the grass? 

They’ll find a bug, they’ll find a flower, they’ll become extremely fascinated and they’ll be learning. 

When you step into your childhood whimsy, you automatically are invited to explore your potential and who you are as a being.

You’re welcome to explore your beliefs and limitations and step into a realm of continuous learning and development. 

That’s where the excitement is in this life, that’s where the meaningful life is. 

It’s not if you always succeed, it’s all the things that you get to learn and grow through and the being that you become along the way. 

Many people have said it’s not the destination, it’s the journey, and I would have to agree.

It’s how fascinating what you envision comes to you and the journey that you get to travel on the way, and the understanding ultimately is of yourself.

As you explore the world and you explore ideas, you’re exploring your own possibility. 

If you have limits or if you don’t, and this is where things come up that can be uncomfortable.

So throughout this week, if you have had resistance showing up, I would like you to bring that into the coaching so that I can support you in shifting through it, stepping through it, taking a look at it and expanding from it.

By opening like a child and using your imagination and your whimsy to create big things, big visions, big next chapters, you’re tapping into your innate creativity, you’re expanding your possibilities, you’re igniting your passion, you’re building your resilience. 

You’re attracting the things that you need, so it’s supporting you in seeing your connection in this realm, and you’re fostering your own personal expansion. 

It’s a powerful mindset that can lead you to remarkable things, remarkable, impossible visions, ideas and projects, both personally and professionally.

I invite you to be a never ending seeker of possibility for yourself in this world, in this realm, in this lifetime and beyond.

Sending you big love, and if you’ve had some challenges this week, connect with me in your coaching and let’s get those out. 

If you have been able to tap into your child and you weren’t in there, let’s celebrate that in the coaching this week.

Have a beautiful day.