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Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

Do you celebrate yourself? 

Do you ever stop for a moment and celebrate, or are you constantly having a conversation within yourself of the things that you haven’t done yet that you need to do, that you get to do, the to do list?

You’re not far enough yet, because partly we are striving for more always.

We also, however, get to celebrate and be appreciative of what we’ve created, how far we’ve come so far, because it supports us in creating that new trajectory, that new history. 

Brené Brown uses these wise words: “Celebrating your wins is essential for your journey towards wholehearted living. 

It’s a powerful act of self-care and self-compassion that should not be overlooked.

When we fail to pause and celebrate our wins, we miss out on valuable opportunities for growth and connection.”

So, this next week I am setting aside a specific entire day to go to the spa. 

It’s a spa that we are going to be jumping into during our retreats up at Spirit River. 

It’s a world class, highly rated spa, and instead of looking at what I can do to prepare for the next thing in business, I am going to bask in a spa experience and really dig into it.

Not only that, it’ll give me a window into what will be experienced and what are the possibilities for you when you go to the retreat. 

So celebrating your wins isn’t just about checking off accomplishments on a to-do, it’s about embracing vulnerability and acknowledging the courage it takes to step into a new arena in your life.

It’s about recognizing the small victories and incremental movements that are creating your new story.

When you don’t celebrate, you deny yourself the chance to fully integrate with your achievement. 

You remember in middle school how it took a couple of years for you to readjust to your new size, shape, body?

It takes us a while, and when you celebrate, it allows you to align with what you’ve created and embody it and walk in it.

Be it. 

Celebrating your wins is an act of radical self-love and acceptance as well. 

It focuses you, it nourishes your soul, your spirit, and it strengthens your sense of worth. 

So this week it’s about celebrating the wins in a bigger way, in a powerful way, not just talking about them, not just saying, “This was a win this week.”

I’m going to be talking about practicing self-compassion, sharing your wins, engaging in rituals to celebrate, cultivating a gratitude mindset and embracing vulnerability in celebration. 

If this is something that you don’t do regularly, this is something you get to do. 

So today I want you to make a list of ten ways that you could really celebrate the milestones and the small shifts and small steps forward that you’ve taken in the last couple of months, and post that in the Facebook page.

A lot of you don’t post on the Facebook page, and to me it means you’re probably not doing your work, and you’re here to shift. 

If you’re sick and tired of feeling lesser, and it’s not because you’re not worthy, it’s because you’re not stepping into the creator part of yourself that’s asking you for constant change, constant growth, excitement in life.

If you are tired of sitting on the sideline, be doing your homework and posting it in the Facebook page. 

That creates some vulnerability, some openness, and some conversation with others. 

A couple of you are doing it, and bravo to you. 

So if you haven’t been posting in the Facebook group and connecting with the community, what if today’s your day?

Have a beautiful day. 

Sending you big love.