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Hey this is Anne with your Coaching on the Go, this week celebrating with you ways to celebrate yourself. 

Today I’m talking with you about sharing your wins with a select private group of people that can celebrate with you.

People who are on a path that’s a growth path, an expansion path, that are not resistant to you becoming more, that are totally in your favor, that are cheering for you.

I have my parents still, I’m lucky to say, in my life, so I call them when something incredible happens, and I tell them what happened and we celebrate. 

Yesterday I was down at the river’s edge. 

I took a drop into the water quietly, and I heard a little crashing on the other side of the river. 

It was a doe.

I thought she would run away because she saw me, but she came back down to the water. 

She actually stepped into the water and she swam across to me, right straight towards me. 

When she got across the river, she continued looking at me, and she stepped a little to the side so she wouldn’t run into me. 

She got out of the water less than a body’s length away from me, watched me, took a couple of slow steps, and then she started eating breakfast. 

You better believe when the deer, when she… I don’t know what her name was, but when she started moving further away from me and when she was finally done grazing about a half hour later, the first people I called were my parents. 

Why did I call them?

It wasn’t just because I saw the deer, it was because things I’ve read about people who are in alignment with nature and spirit, that animals will come right up to you because you have a different vibration, so I was celebrating what happened. 

We had been camping since I was one year old, and I wanted to tell them about this spectacular experience, and how that deer didn’t feel any resistance or fear towards me and how we had this alignment.

I have been reading about one suchness.

An old physician – meaning physics, not medical – he spoke about how everything in the universe, everything in creation, is made of the same thing, and once you realize that you are of the same essence of everything around you, you become one with it and you know you’re one with it, and things begin to happen.

So when I called my parents, I was celebrating my one suchness and my understanding and how far I’ve come in my beingness, and we celebrated together. 

It was joyful. 

Who can you call? 

Who is in your corner, or who can you develop some relationships with where you can celebrate? 

I also have high level creators in my world who are building their own businesses, taking big risks, jumping into the uncomfortable places.

These people I can talk to about my challenges and I can talk with them about my successes, and we celebrate wholeheartedly. 

They have no resistance to my expansion and I have no resistance to theirs. 

You want to avoid calling someone who is going to say, “Are you sure you want to be doing that, are you being careful?” 

You want to talk to people and celebrate with people who are all systems go on your expansion and your success. 

So who can you do that with? 

If you don’t have people, who can you cultivate some relationships with? 

It turns out that when you jump into a coaching community like this, this is often where you find other people, and it’s where I have found many of my friends who are entrepreneurs who I call and celebrate with, because we’re on a track of expansion.

So do your work today, and my call to action to you today is to call somebody who fits this description and celebrate something that you recently completed, or did or had a breakthrough on and just really celebrate at a high level together, and perhaps set up a regular time where you celebrate your wins. 

Have a beautiful day.