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Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching on the Go, and this week I am at a world class spa named Sundara Spa in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. 

I have never checked into a spa to stay overnight, and I have rarely done something extravagant for myself that has given me an experience of living at another level. 

Years ago, I earned the privilege to have a BMW.

I did an incredible job of sales for a network marketing company, and it qualified me to get car payments. 

I was forced to choose between getting a luxury car and having the payments made or keeping the car I had, which was very sound, it was a Prius. 

It was a car that I loved and I felt good about, but I would be sacrificing $300 a month by not taking the better, more luxurious… 

I can’t say better, but in many ways it was much more luxurious and a high, high quality vehicle. 

So it put me in an awkward position where I got an opportunity to choose for myself something that was on the next level for me, and it was on the next level for my living and it changed things for me.

I also had an opportunity where a friend bought me a Coach handbag. 

I never had a really nice handbag, and I was doing well in business and I did some things for him that he really appreciated. 

I wasn’t a coach at the time, but we had a conversation. 

I gave him some advice that really proved to be instrumental in shifting the health of one of his children who was in the hospital.

He took me to the department store and he said he wanted to buy me something, and he said, “How about a handbag for your business?” 

I was in the cheapo handbags and he goes, “Come on, Klein, get a nice handbag.” 

So I’m in the next level and finally grabs me by the arm and he yanks me over to the area where you have to ask the associate to open the glass case so you can see the handbag, try it out, decide if it fits you well, if it’s you, and you can purchase it, and he bought me my first Coach handbag. 

My experience of this car, this BMW 328xi, and the zippy-ness of it and the heaviness of it, and just the quality of the seats, the steering wheel, the handbag and how it fit, how it was stitched, how well at wore, how good it felt, they made me realize the importance of stepping into your next level.

When you stay living at the exact level you are at, you are not exposing yourself to the feelings of the next level. 

When we go and do visionary exercises where we are meditating you into your future, visualizing yourself in your future and feeling it, that’s a powerful way to activate your reticular activation center that’s in your brain that starts to shift you towards what else you want. 

You get used to feeling a certain way, and your brain doesn’t know if you’re thinking it or you’re actually feeling it because it’s in front of you. 

So when you go ahead and you go to a car dealership and you drive a car that perhaps you can’t afford at the moment, but it’s a car that you’d really love, you send a ripple out into the quantum field. 

You send a vibration off of yourself into a collaborative, responsive field of energy, into a dimension, multiple dimensions, and you set things in motion.

Now thinking it is one thing, going and doing it, feeling it, is another. 

So when you set aside time in your calendar and you go somewhere, even for a moment, that you wouldn’t normally be able to go to – in your mind, maybe you can’t afford it, or you’re not comfortable because you weren’t raised there, it’s a new environment for you – you are exposing yourself to a new possibility. 

It’s powerful. 

So early on, perhaps you go test drive things. 

Maybe you go to a Ritz-Carlton and you sit in the lobby there and you listen to the music. 

In Milwaukee, there is the Pfister Hotel. 

It’s an old, old German hotel that’s incredibly beautiful, and they have three different opportunities that you could experience there that will make you feel like you’re living in another, perhaps, social strata than you live in.

So there’s a bar in the foyer that has beautiful, giant fireplaces you could walk into. 

They often have a piano player, the ceilings are high and scrolled, you can order a beautiful drink there, and there’s just a beautiful energy going on. 

You can go up the elevator to the top and you can be in the jazz club, called Blue, listening to jazz music, eating incredibly beautiful salted, roasted cashews and having fancy drinks, and you can see the skyline of Milwaukee and you can look out over Lake Michigan and you can be in your next level of life there. 

You can be trying it on for size. 

There are so many lessons in this, but as you expose yourself to other levels or other possibilities, your world opens up, things start opening up to you, and when you take the time to just be, to just be, you will be amazed at what comes in. 

So this week, I’m taking the time to talk with you about all the things that start coming in when you take the step to clear your schedule, clear your space, celebrate yourself, have nothing to do, and the gifts that come from that.

The ultimate importance of celebrating yourself, celebrating your life, celebrating possibility, celebrating your existence, celebrating your ancient being. 

Wouldn’t it be beautiful if you can feel like a child amidst the fact that you are an ancient being of the universe?

Sending you love today from Sundara Spa at Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, as I soak up all the gifts and possibilities that reveal themselves in celebrating myself and taking space to do so.

Coaching you to do the same.

Sending you love.