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Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

Yesterday at the spa, I spent time throughout the day and afternoon just luxuriating in nothingness. 

I didn’t have my phone with me at all, I had to check wall clocks to see what time it was. 

I missed, by one minute, the aromatherapy yoga class, and as fate would have it, there was a woman waiting as well with me in this foyer, and we ended up having a complete alignment on something that either had been going on in our lives or was going on in our lives.

It became apparent to both of us that we were triangulated to that spot to meet one another, to shift each other forward. 

We didn’t say it in so many words, but it was very clear to us that our meeting there and getting to that spot a little late or missing the group, because one of us went to ask where the group was and missed the group while they were asking.

We ended up in the same spot at the same time, and you can call that quantum entanglement. 

Trevor Blake likes to call that quantum entanglement, and physicists would call it that. 

Someone like me would just say that we were fortuitously put in the same spot at the same time and there was serendipity. 

So what happens, what I’m discovering, is in taking downtime where I have nothing scheduled and I’m not feeling guilty about it and I’m not thinking about work, I am present in the present.

I am discovering that one of the gifts is an obvious triangulation of possibility. 

I’m not so cluttered that I don’t notice it. 

I am free. 

I am in a free and neutral space to receive, and I am receiving. 

I’m going to carry this forward then, into the evening. 

The first time I picked up my phone, at the end of the day, I saw some messages from a global leadership group that I’m in on transformation, and I am going to be taking a trip that seems so fortuitously created, and a couple of people have contacted me while I have been out of communication range to tell me a variety of things have been set up for me. 

So things are happening without my effort, that I am creating without doing any work. 

I have several dinner appointments that have been created. 

Someone contacted me that I didn’t even know lived in this spot to tell me that they live there, and they would like to get a hold of me and connect with me over dinner.

Another person told me that a dinner has been created with three different people that are going to be in the area. After the third communication from somebody in a row within a minute, I realize that all these things have been orchestrated for me, on my behalf in the quantum field, while I have been relaxing. 

That reminds me of the property next door to Spirit River and how it was full of clutter and junk, and over time I imagined what I wanted for it. 

Actually, I saw a vision of it early on, before I bought my property, of it cleared and peaceful, and how over time it just has become cleared and peaceful. 

It’s now a meadow with grazing deer, and just two years ago, it was full of garbage and structures and clutter.

So today I’m talking to you about one of the gifts that I’m experiencing firsthand by taking time to celebrate myself. I’m creating space.

In creating that space, things are happening around me that I do not have to create myself. 

You could say that you create things with your thinking every time you’re thinking, and then if you give yourself the downtime to let those things float, there are things better than you can imagine happening around you, and you can get a whiff of those things and allow them to happen.

What I’m doing, and you are doing when you go to celebrate yourself or you go to take that time where you have nothing else in the calendar, is you are creating a space.

I, as an artist, will take a giant piece of beautiful 100% rag paper and put it up on the easel. 

I’m creating a workspace, a space where things can happen, where possibility can become, and I’m seeing that happen rapidly while I am at the spa. 

Things are showing up in perfect time. 

That is how you can get more done by doing less. 

People ask me, “How do you get so much done when you don’t work so many hours in a day,” and this is how it happens.

When you take space and you actually clear your calendar and your mind during that time, things happen very quickly. 

How do they happen? 

They just get triangulated for you. 

That’s the coaching for today, the benefits of taking the time to do nothing.

How you can do more while you’re doing less. 

How you can do a lot while you’re doing nothing. 

These are things that don’t even make sense on some level when you hear the words, but they are reality.

In the field of energy that we live in, call it what you may, you are a master creator in an incredibly complex yet simple system of energy and responsiveness and collaboration and creation. 

Sending you big love today.