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Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

When you do regular meditation and you plug in and you are connected to this inner calmness that you have, this inner stability, very cool things happen.

And when you note them, then you can see that you are engaged with the creation of these things, that you have something to do with it.

Because when you’re not connected to that meditation energy, that grounded, authentic energy, you can remember that things weren’t working as smoothly as they are now, if you’re in it now, and here’s an example. 

I was ready to go to the spa, and one of the reasons I went was to celebrate myself. 

It was a great excuse to really dive in and experience what the spa was going to be like, in addition to the other things that were going to be presenting themselves at my retreats.

I wanted to get an opportunity to let my mind wander through possibility, so I was doing some mental shopping. 

I was trying things on for size, and I had a certain idea in mind of what I was going to experience there. 

So when I got a text the day before I was ready to leave that said an aspect of the spa experience was closed for maintenance, instead of getting upset like I would have in the past, I called in a polite way, with polite energy, resourceful energy, possibility energy, and mentioned to them that I was coming, I was looking forward to it, and one of the things that I was doing was totally immersing myself in the experience so that I would be able to convey and understand the power of the experience when I was going to be bringing my retreats there.

Before I really got very far, I started on the phone with a consultant. 

They were very polite, but they looked in the calendar and there wasn’t a way to switch my day so I could experience that particular aspect of the spa, because if they did switch it, I wasn’t going to get the massage that I wanted, the length I wanted.

I wanted to experience what it would be like if you came there, so I really understood what you were going to be getting there. 

So then I left a message on the phone of another person and I explained to them what was going on, and that I wondered if they could discover some way for me to experience it, and that I was very flexible and interested.

I got a call back in a short time from a woman that I didn’t realize I knew from before I got this call. 

I wasn’t expecting to be talking with someone I know, and it’s someone that I don’t know extremely well, but I am acquainted with her. 

She came on the phone and said to me that there was a consultant who agreed to come in the next day, the second day I’d be at the spa, and do my long, 80 minute massage.

So flash forward and backward, I’m in the spa, I’m starting to get my massage, and throughout the massage, as we talk, I realize how aligned I am with this woman. 

First of all, she just starts massaging the bottom of one of my legs and I already know it’s the best massage I’ve ever experienced.

Secondly, just the way that she’s working, it’s so intuitive and it’s beautiful and it’s really connecting with me. 

I’m always curious how people end up where they end up, and especially when I told her what a pleasure it was to be engaging with someone who’s so excellent at what they do and they’re so connected to it, and I asked her about when she became a healer, etc. 

I just used the word healer because I consider someone who’s great at massage a healer, and it turns out that she’s a Reiki master, and then it turns out that she’s the head of all the people who do massages there and she’s been working there for 20 years.

We just hit it off, and I realized then, and I told her this, that I wouldn’t have had her, we wouldn’t have met if I didn’t have this complication in my schedule, if this one particular thing wasn’t closed for maintenance, and how all these things lined up to create the opportunity where we would meet each other and we really hit it off.

So, think into your life, if you’ve experienced things like that, and think about times when you feel like you could be put out because your schedule has changed, or things are not going the way you anticipated, they’re going in a different way, and what can happen if you stay relaxed and in the understanding of possibility. 

Because yesterday I talked with you about things being triangulated for you, or quantum entanglement, where on the quantum level or in the spiritual realm, that energy has the bird’s eye view of what you want, and so things can be orchestrated for you and they end up orchestrated in the most magnificently perfect way for you. 

I’ve described me ending my career as an educator in such a perfect way.

It didn’t feel like it at the time, but things were being shifted around, moved in my favor in the only way likely that I could have been moved out at that moment to then receive the things that were ready for me down the line.

So, today’s coaching is about serendipity. 

It’s about being in a space where there’s room for flexibility, where you can take a deep breath and you can know that things are coming and and that you’re in a resourceful and open possibility place. 

And then watch as the myriad of gifts show up in that space, as you are full of grace and you’re relaxed and you’re just working with the conditions.

It’s kind of like you’re sailing and you’re picking up the breeze here or here, and then things are changing, conditions are changing, so you’re adapting and adjusting and you pick up another wind or another breeze, and you continue in this other direction, and unbeknownst to you, it takes you exactly where you wanted to go. 

So, life is so beautiful.

Life is so full of possibility if you allow yourself to be in the ways of being that allow you to be flexible, and when things already have happened and there’s nothing that can be done by getting angry or agitated, shifting right into possibility.

What could be possible here?

I’m sending you love today, and I’m sending you excitement for all the different possibilities that are presenting themselves in your lives and how you’re navigating those to see them as opportunities, and then what gifts are given through those opportunities. 

Have a beautiful day.