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Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching on the Go. 

Today’s the last day I’m talking about the spa, but not forever. 

I had such an incredible experience there that I’d coaxed a week of coaching for you from me.

I have never had an experience inside of a physical space that was created by man that was as powerful as I had at the spa the other day, and there are probably multiple factors. 

One factor is I’m in a different space in my life, a space of having meditated and practiced and been in a variety of different scenarios where I could really connect with spirit in my authentic voice.

So I am higher in my level of understanding of what that feels like, and it came about through taking one step at a time and experiencing more and more.

The other thing that was really powerful is that I created that. 

I set that experience up ahead of time, and that’s what I do when I come up to Spirit River. 

There’s an importance in making a pilgrimage when you’re going to set yourself up, you’re going to create an environment for you to listen and hear and create.

Sometimes I don’t know what I’m going to create, but I know there’s something, I can feel there’s something and it’s time for it, and I create an opportunity for myself, and the pilgrimage or the preparation for that moment is really important to the moment. 

It’s like when something is special, you plan for it. 

Things can happen on the fly, but some of the things that we do, we create an environment for.

What I did this week in going to the spa is I set up an opportunity for me to more spiritually delve into the look and feel of what I’m creating in my retreats for people, and how it aligns with me as a human being and how it aligns with what I want to give in the world, and I consider that spiritual. 

So I set up an opportunity, and it’s lovely how things can align, because I told you before that I never had taken a night at a spa that’s expensive. 

It’s a high quality spa, I never would have spent that kind of money on myself before. 

So what was beautiful about it? 

Just like when I talked about my BMW, is it aligned with something else that made it easier for me to do that for myself.

There was a reason I could invest in it that seemed practical. 

At the same time, it was undoubtedly something that I didn’t have to do, but it would be something that would benefit me personally and professionally. 

When we talk about quantum entanglement, that’s what goes on in quantum entanglement. 

No matter what you call it, if you have that connection with God and you have an understanding that God sees you and knows you, and God has that bird’s eye view on you, whatever you refer to that energy as.

I don’t want to cut anybody off from thinking about it any way that’s compatible, and it’s not a cop out. 

I don’t care what you call something that is something we’re all talking about. 

It’s felt. 

So over time, you decide how you identify that, it’s a label. 

No matter what way you’re talking about it, it’s a way you’ve chosen to talk about it.

So that energy around you, that God force, it has the bird’s eye view. 

It’s sensing all of your feelings, your desires, your prayer, your thoughts – which to me, thoughts are prayers, so why wouldn’t things turn out better than you imagine? 

It’s like when someone’s a child and there’s a parent or someone caring and loving looking out over that child, and sees what that child wants to get and sets up a pathway for that child to get it.

The child may not know that that adult or that person created that scenario for the child. 

If you think about that energy, that parent energy that’s out in the universe, the known and unknown universe, and that it’s working on your behalf, it’s got the bird’s eye view.

When I left my job, I was embedded in that job. 

So it’s brilliant, when I think back on it, the way in which I was cleverly navigated out of that career, because I wanted to try some other things. 

When I really think about it, I really wanted to try some other things, but I would not have allowed myself to just up and leave there. 

So there’s this saying, the universe has your back, things are always working out for me. 

Those are beautiful things to think about, but even if you don’t believe them or think about them, you can look into your life when you had set an intention for something that you really wanted, and then you’d get to see how things worked out for you, how they lined up for you, how the seas parted so you could walk on dry land.

When you take a pilgrimage and you go to a place where you’re setting some precious time and space to listen, to celebrate, to do nothing…

Doing nothing can be one of the most powerful things that you do. 

And it is doing something – it’s doing nothing. 

So I want you to really take this to heart, really think about this.

You know what I’d like you to do as a call to action is plan a pilgrimage somewhere that’s for you, just for you, where you’re not talking to a lot of people, you’re having this time on your own so you can hear. 

And it’s not a lonely time, it’s a time filled with spirit, it’s filled with the energy around you, ideas.

You’re being talked to.

And when you plan it, you’re taking the step towards it, you’re starting your pilgrimage towards it.

And then I like to have to travel somewhere. 

Spirit River is not far for me, it’s around 2 hours, but it’s far enough that I start preparing myself as I’m going, as I’m packing, as I’m driving, as I’m traveling, and it feels really amazing. 

It’s a really important part of the whole process. 

So, that’s your coaching for today.

It’s a rambling on the incredibly powerful value of getting to know the feeling of your authentic nature, communicating with the essence of what’s around you, and perhaps your pilgrimage is to actually come to Spirit River, to the retreat. 

It’s a powerful, powerful opportunity to put this into action. 

Sending you big love, big, big love, and I’m excited for you to feel this grounded energy.

Once you have it, once you really get acquainted with it, you will always be walking around with it. 

It won’t leave you, and you’ll be so much the better for it. 

Your life will be different, you won’t be efforting all the time. 

Things will be coming. 

You will be excited about what’s coming. 

Sending you love, have a beautiful day.