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230 Why Say YES to – Spontaneous Possibility

Jun 21, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hey, this is Anne with day three of talking about what seems to be leaping into a spontaneous possibility that comes up because often great things show up when you’re in the flow.

They show up pretty quickly.

And for some people who are more analytical in their way of approaching things have a very difficult time going with that kind of flow and they slow it down dramatically.

It’s okay to slow it down, but you work quite a bit to create momentum.

So, it’s great if you can start to see the signs of something coming and you can get into this trust.

So the benefits of saying yes I’m talking about today.

When a possibility shows up, there’s growth and learning involved in saying yes to possibilities.

When you embrace new possibilities, it allows you to expand your horizons to learn new skills, gain experiences, meet new people, open doors, and experience personal and professional growth that you didn’t expect.

It broadens your perspective.

It focuses you also on being flexible and open.

It exercises that muscle of openness and flexibility and it helps you discover your untapped potential around you.

Another benefit.

I’m going to split these into two because there are quite a few today for the benefit of saying yes.



You’ve heard of these words: unexpected opportunities, unexpected coincidences, and incidences that are aligning on your behalf.

We live in this beautifully collaborative, responsive universe and it’s backed up again by science.

It’s backed up by quantum physics.

But I talk about it in my way because I experienced it and learned it without my knowledge of quantum physics.

In the vocabulary of quantum physics.

When you say yes to a possibility, it invites more.

It invites serendipity.

It invites the unexpected, the very thing that you could fear.

It’s inviting that unexpected thing that could be unexpectedly beautiful and perfect.

It opens the doors for chance encounters.

Like at the retreat this weekend, I met all sorts of new people, and a couple of them are really steeped in high-level business and some of our interests aligned.

So now I have some appointments to share my project with people I never met before this weekend and have collaborations which is another thing that’s available in a spontaneous new environment.

As well as opportunities that you may not have anticipated.

There are people I met there and I didn’t know them.

And now there are opportunities that I never realized I would be engaging with that presented themselves there.

So by remaining open and saying yes and figuring it out, leaving yourself open to being resourceful and finding ways, you allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised by the unexpected.

One of the big surprises of this weekend for me was that I ended up in a forest.

I love trees.

I have a real relationship with trees.

I did non-profit work for decades planting trees and caring for trees.

I ended up in a forest at a children’s nature camp.

There were 50 adults, but it was a children’s nature camp.

We were running around playing Capture the Flag before dark.

It was highly organized and really fun.

And I ended up in proximity to this Giant Douglas Fir.

We were in a huge stand of trees that were around a 1000 years old.

They were covered in moss.

They were right along the Pacific Northwest, but in Canada, and they have a long growing season there.

All of a sudden I found myself next to an elder that was as tall as an office building.

I got to spend some incredible spiritual time with this tree.

Might sound funny to some of you, but you each have different spaces that really connect you with spirit, connect you with timelessness.

And that elder, it actually made me cry.

It was so beautiful, so powerful, that I never knew I was going to be there.

I had no idea what the camp was going to be like and I didn’t ask.

It happened quickly and it was a super spiritual experience that I didn’t expect to have.

That was one of the crown jewels of the weekend.

If nothing else had happened, that would have been worth the whole trip.

So tomorrow I’m going to go into a couple more aspects of the benefits of saying yes to possibility.

Think about your homework today, times when you have said yes to a possibility and it was better than you imagined.

And I want you to think of a time when you said no to possibility and you missed out.

Have a beautiful day.