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231 More Reasons to Say YES to – Spontaneous Possibility

Jun 21, 2023 | Uncategorized

This is Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

Talking another day about the value of possibility, and taking advantage of possibility.

And I’m continuing from yesterday’s talk where I mentioned the benefits of saying yes.

So I always talk about exercising your muscles.

When I’m talking about muscles, I’m talking about the way that you operate versus your physique, even though I love strong muscles.

When you say yes to something spontaneous and full of possibility and you go with it, you broaden your comfort zone.

You make your comfort zone bigger.

Stepping into a new possibility challenges you to push beyond your comfort zone and embrace discomfort.

To get comfortable with discomfort.

I am at that place where I am excited and comfortable in discomfort.

So it fosters resilience.

There are a lot of things it supports in strengthening, adaptability, your willingness to take risks and navigate risks.

When you’re entering into business or you’re doing anything bigger than you’ve done before.

Learning to navigate risks and the willingness to take them and get out on the skinny branches of life are really essential.

As you stretch, you discover new strengths and capabilities you didn’t know you had.

And if you don’t stretch, you don’t get to discover those.

Another thing is that you build relationships and networks.

When you say yes to possibility, it often involves connecting with people you never knew and it creates relationships.

Those people are also extending themselves and there’s an excitement, there is a freshness about it.

And these connections often lead to really meaningful collaborations and serendipity and mentorships friendships.

A bigger network when you’re creating on a high level of connectivity is really key to getting support for projects, getting funding, and even masterminding additional aspects of what’s possible for your project, getting new sets of eyes on it.

It expands your social and professional circles, as you go up and expand yourself.

You can’t typically do it by staying in the circle you were once in because everybody’s not growing in the same way.

So stepping out into these new realms of possibility that happen spontaneously, you get an offer, someone’s having an event, and they quickly invite you.

You increase your social circle and you increase your circle of people who are also taking risks.

They understand that they are out there really living big and you get encircled with other people like you.

And then the last benefit I’m going to talk about today is you just live a fuller life.

Some people choose to retire early and watch a lot of TV and there are some people who are learning until the day they make their exit out of this physical realm, like my parents.

Embracing possibilities because it enriches your life, it adds variety and excitement.

It gives you a strong will to live because you have things to do, and you have some adventure.

It allows you to explore not only different paths in life but your different passions.

You have what truly is satisfying and brings you joy in life.

When you say yes to spontaneous possibility, you create a life that’s more aligned with your authentic self.

Your childhood authentic self plays and isn’t scared.

And as you do these things, you just open yourself up to constant expansion.

That’s the most beautiful thing.

You are an ever-expanding being who is built to navigate all of these exciting and interesting things.

So I covered five benefits of saying yes to possibilities.

Tomorrow I’m going to talk about the challenges and the benefits and how to maximize the situation.

The yin and the yang in the situation.

Have a beautiful day.

And my call to action for you is when you look at these benefits, which one of these benefits is saying yes?

Growth and learning.

Serendipity and unexpected opportunity.

Expanding your comfort zone.

Creating a bigger circle of people like yourself who are out there taking risks and expanding and living a more full life.

Which one right now is the one that you feel will benefit you the most?

Move the needle the most in your life?

Write that down.

Post it on the Facebook page.

Make a comment about it.

Get involved in the coaching.

Sending you love.