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234 It’s Easy to Do This

Jul 3, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching on the Go, Happy day.

I’m working on developing more coaching that lasts for the week, that doesn’t ask you to have a call to action every day.

Sometimes I’m going to just be giving you food for thought.

And today is one of those days.

I don’t know if you have days like this, but sometimes in the thick of me working on something exciting.

Part of my being that wants more comfort and more patterned daily life and more familiarity will say to me internally, of course.

Can’t we just be like so and so?

Can’t we just be like I’ll list someone in my life who seems to be just doing pattern things every day, and they seem fairly happy and they’re not striving or pushing for anything?

They’re just playing golf, relaxing, going to their job, having weekends off, and watching TV.

Part of my being will say, Anne, why can’t you just be satisfied?

Why can’t you just live an average life?

Why can’t you just be like everybody else?

Now everybody else isn’t this way.

Because as I go higher and higher, I am in an echelon of people now who are in a growth pattern constantly, including my parents.

I chatted with my mom yesterday on the phone about something that I’m engaged in and we ended up just talking about timelessness and whether our time is forward or backward or sideways.

She was saying that she and my dad, who are in their older ages, find life interesting and they still have things they’re highly engaged in learning.

She talked about how it’s amazing, how there are still many things that they’re interested in learning.

So it seems like there are two different sorts of people in the world.

One group of people is existing and they’re responding to outside stimulus.

They’re just in a constant reaction.

The other group is in the process of creating their direction and creating the life that they’re having.

And sometimes it feels comfortable to get life spoon-fed when somebody was making all of your time structures and setting up your schedule for you if you had been working.

I remember when I was teaching.

I had a certain structure for my day and it felt good.

And then I had a certain thing on the weekends and then I had certain things during the summer and it was a structure that I liked because I knew what it was.

It was predictable, I knew what to expect from it.

But then there was a level of not having the freedom that I wished for.

So I kept wanting more and wanting more and wanting to control my universe.

And I wanted to control every aspect of it and not be following somebody else’s schedule or somebody else’s guides.

I wanted to choose all that.

So I stepped out and every once in a while I find myself in that internal conversation, why can’t you just be happy?

Being normal at the end of your life do you want to say I lived a very normal life or would you like to say I went for it?

I found life fascinating and when I Left my physical life I left totally spent.

I squeezed every drop out of it.

So I’m just having a meandering conversation with you about the types of topics that will come up in your head as you are going for it because it can get tiring.

I see people in my community come in with a great idea that they want to pursue, and there’s a number of them that as they hit the bumps and the resistance and they’re working on it, that get confused or they get distracted from their vision or might decide it’s too hard and they’re shooting too big.

And so they’ll lower their expectations for themselves and take their foot off the gas.

Pretty soon what they’re doing is basic self-care every day.

There’s nothing wrong with self-care but if you have something you’re passionate about let’s work on it.

If you have something passionate about you get to know that there are going to be times when you need and get to have a break.

When your being is asking you for a normal day, give yourself a day.

Give yourself some time to relax.

Maybe that message to you is just that you don’t relax enough.

Maybe you’re thinking about things all the time or too often and you’re not having playtime but don’t let that voice talk you out of your dream.

Don’t let that part of you that craves consistency, that craves a normal schedule, that craves the comfort of what you know rob you of the wonderment of possibility, of expansion, of never-ending growth as a spirit sending you big love today.