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235 Relying on Your Vision

Jul 3, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

It takes the work of two aspects of your being at least to be creating on a high level and having a satisfying life.

The first level is personal and some people just throw it into personal development.

But it’s to me, it’s your operating system, how you operate, how you handle day to a decision making and your thoughts and your beliefs and your feelings of worthiness, the momentum that you have, the stories you tell, all those fit together and they create the way that you operate and move through this world.

And then you have your genius creator, your playful childlike creator that is here thinking into the future and creating with your thoughts and then following those thoughts and getting those ideas and those visions to become real so you can feel them and touch them and experience them.

These two operating systems get to work together.

Your creator and then the way you function as a human being, get to work in tandem.

This past couple of weeks, as I am going to invest in the next level of the Spirit River Retreats, some money paradigms are coming up for me.

And I know from doing the work that if I let those money paradigms carry the day, every day, the energy that I create is going to resist the very abundance that gets to flow in.

To finish creating these renovations and these next steps for retreat goers and myself.

So I steep myself in my long-term vision. I think about the target that I’m shooting for.

I reacquaint myself throughout the day, daily with the vision of where I’m going.

I see the structures, I see the people.

I see things growing up in places where there was some degradation or some destruction.

I see newness. I keep myself focusing on what I want to see.

When I come across something that isn’t in alignment with what I want to see, I replace it with something new.

You can do that in your past too.

You can go past what we consider to be our past.

You can go back and you can rectify something.

You can give it a new ending.

You can look at that movie and rewrite the ending so that it has a different result and a different feeling and move forward with it.

So I think one of the techniques that are used regularly is a technique that often adults will tell children, your head’s in the clouds.

Pay attention, get out of your head.

Stop dreaming, stop daydreaming.

What I do is daydream to the max every spare chance I get, especially when I’m working up to another level.

I’m enjoying a creation that’s already been created.

And I can see it in my mind.

I can’t see it here yet, but I’m starting to be able to see it here.

So in an area where a bunch of trees were taken down.

I will see small trees coming up in there and I’ll see a beautiful, peacefulness filling that space.

I’ll feel it and I’ll feel the happiness of having planted trees there and putting good energy there.

When I’m working on a project and I start getting nervous, I’ll start seeing the people who are going to benefit from that project and experiencing the joy that I experience when I see other people expanding and making new ideas and new creations for themselves.

Today, I just wanted to talk with you about the part of you that gives you the ability to roam around in this world, how you respond and react to the world, and how that part of you gives the creative part of you the safety and the freedom to dream so that you can move forward.

Then what happens when you feel nervous or scared or part of you doesn’t know what’s going to happen next because you can’t see the future?

You go into the future and see what you want to see there.

Go play there.

If you don’t know what exactly is going to be seen there, play with the feeling that you’re going to feel in the future, knowing that there are opportunities you’ve created or a program you created, or people who are really very fulfilled and happy because of something that you created that they got to experience.

The focus today is to navigate freely into that creative space and to go there as a safety zone and play instead of staying in a space of nervousness or fear or fretting.

Every creator I know touches the unknown.

There’s discomfort in that unknown at times, and there’s fear.

So the less time you can spend in that fear zone, the more you can continue collaborating with the universe for what you’re creating.

What if what you are envisioning is already created and that’s why you got a whiff of it?

What if it’s already done and the only thing you have to do is relax into it, become aligned with it, and know the truth of it so well that it starts to appear in front of you?

The right people start to show up.

The opportunities show up.

The land makes itself available.

The people make themselves available.

The platform makes itself available.

The clients start coming and asking for support even before you’ve created the program.

So that’s the magic that you can hook into this quantum field, in this collaborative, beautiful universe, in this creation that we’re living in.

I just want to encourage you to tap in there and really take advantage of the joys of playing as a master creator, sending you love.